An Orlando SEO Specialist Talks About How To Reduce Drop-offs

Like all professional SEO specialists, we here at MyCity Social create and link Google Analytics accounts to all of our client websites. Google analytics is a very powerful and useful tool that is used by many an SEO Specialist when it comes to gathering information about the traffic that comes to a website. Part of […]

The Importance of Proximity as a Ranking Factor

Old pillars of the marketing mix are not enough when it comes to meeting the digital needs of today. Therefore, the keys in every marketer’s toolbox – product, price, promotion, and people – have a new addition: proximity. Our Miami search engine optimization services take this very important factor in mind.   Literally, this important aspect […]

5 Way To Increase Your Newsletter Open Rate

Newsletter marketing still counts as one of the most effective ways to market your company or service. As such, how often people open emails from you has a big impact on your bottom line. If you find that your email open rate is a bit lackluster, you may want to take steps to correct that. […]

Digital Marketing Miami Stats About the % of Clicks That Come From AdWords

At MyCity Social, we pride ourselves on our marketing skills and promoting the success of local businesses. We are always staying up to date on the latest news and technology in social media. One thing we focus on is AdWords for digital marketing Miami Company businesses can rely on.   What Is AdWords?   AdWords […]

A Tampa SEO Company Helps A Boating Company

Florida is one of the top states in North America for outdoor sports and fishing activities. Naturally, the need for finely crafted boats is higher here. Boat dealerships of all kinds have sprung up across the coastlines to fulfill the demand of their clientele. The abundant species of fish, the warm climate and boat festivals, […]

Exploring Twitter Ads in 2017

Social media advertising has become one of the most dynamic and inexpensive ways to promote a business, service or product on the Internet. Dynamic companies like Mycity Social have been tracking this phenomenon, watching it grow to prominence in only a few years. The consensus is the results are undoubtedly a testament to the strength […]

Social Media Marketing Goals you Should Implement

Every successful social media marketing campaign begins with clearly defined goals. Goals bridge the gap between ideas and results. Are you getting the results you want from your social media marketing campaigns? If not, then set some new social media marketing goals for your business. Here are some goal ideas that will help get you […]

What Are The Major Search Engines, and How Are They Different?

Although Google is the most popular search engine, there are other reliable but less known search engines used by online website visitors. Here is a list of the top 10 most popular search engines ranked by order from the most to least popular depending on market share and the estimated unique number of monthly visitors. […]

Our SEO Tampa Specialist Shares The % of Queries that Are Questions

If you have been in the marketing industry long enough, you and every other SEO Specialist you know will often share their frustration with how little information Google shares in regards to how they process all of the information on videos, queries and etc. that they receive.   One arena that really has been a […]

An SEO Company Miami Guru’s Follow Talks About Google Map Ads

Do you have a Google My Business account but it has not received the visibility and traffic you feel it deserves when appearing in maps? It can be hard to compete against other larger more established businesses in the online world who began their SEO efforts long before yours. Google understands this pain, and because […]


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