How do Reviews Affect Your Visibility?

Nothing is more important for a business’s online presence than a Google business review. One good review could be enough to get a business to rise higher in ranking, but one bad review can be enough to sink a business. Reviews can impact businesses in a variety of ways and it is important to understand […]

How Youtube Live Helps To Connect You With Your Target Market

Reaching Your Audience Via YouTube   YouTube is a great social platform to connect with an audience on, but it is not as though it is the easiest thing in the world to do. Great images in the video, as well as a good script and a story to tell, are all key elements to […]

Ways We Have Helped Retailers Obtain New Clients Consistently

If you are a struggling retail company and you need marketing right away, you need to contact MyCity Social for all of your digital marketing needs. Do not let your business go unnoticed; make sure you are marketing and spreading the word about your business in order to bring in more traffic. If you did […]


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