The Latest Buzz Regarding Digital Marketing

If you are interested in staying on top of all the latest digital marketing news, MyCity Social is the digital marketing agency Orlando businesses trust. We can help you get the digital marketing your business needs to succeed without any additional effort on your part. To learn more about our services and to see how […]

Why Are Landing Pages Important?

Great landing pages can make the difference between a sale and a lost customer, but why are landing pages so critical to your business’s digital marketing strategy? MyCity Social in Orlando knows how important landing pages can be to your business and they are available to help you create the perfect landing pages for your […]

Why Your Website Needs a Digital Marketing Professional

Hiring a digital marketing professional, like those at MyCity Social in Tampa, can make a difference in how successful your business is online. They can utilize data and experience to optimize your marketing campaigns and your website in way that makes sense and attracts customers. There are a number of reasons why having a dedicated […]

Facebook Stories. Should Your Company Use It?

Facebook marketing can be a wise strategy for businesses to take in order to increase their presence and relevance in the eyes of their consumers. Facebook stories, a new Snapchat-like addition to Facebook, can be utilized by businesses in a number of ways. However, is this type of marketing useful for you? Should you engage […]

Updates to Google My Business

When you use your Google business page, it is important that you know about all the features available to you so that you can enhance your business. The new features available to you are going to take your business page a step further, engaging customers in unique ways. If you are uncertain about how to […]

MyCity Gives Back! Read About Our Scholarship

While businesses in every industry, including internet marketing, can often get wrapped up in making their business a success and forget their local community, some businesses know that giving back not only makes a difference to the clients that engage with them but to the community as a whole. MyCity Social, a business offering small […]

How To Incorporate Your Brand Into A Website In 2017

There are a variety of ways to engage customers with your brand on your website. Many things are important to keep in mind when doing so. This includes color scheme, logo, tone, consistency and unique website branding. By ensuring that you address each of these aspects in your website brand planning, you can create an […]

Ideas For Background Videos On Your Website

Background Videos in Orlando Web Design   Background videos, when used properly, can be an effective internet marketing tool in helping to introduce your customers to your business in an innovative way. Playing video on your website allows the visitor to engage with your product or business in a way that gives you ultimate control. […]

5 SEO Industry Trends To Know

SEO is one of those fields of specialization that is rapidly and continually changing. As a marketer or business owner in Tampa, you have no option but to keep yourself abreast of the emerging trends in the field of SEO. Google often releases updates to their algorithms or alter the list of do’s and don’ts […]

How Our Value Statement Creates Raving Clients

Always think outside the box! MyCity Social in Miami, FL is proud of the way clients are taken care of. We strive to please both the business owner and their customers. We accomplish a lot by keeping our marketing fresh and updated, and creating websites and social media accounts that we are proud to share. […]


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