Facebook and Online Food Ordering

The constant development of the food delivery can be difficult to keep up with. You may find yourself overwhelmed with options or you may not know what is available nearby. Facebook is seeking to solve this problem by rolling out a new addition to their Pages. If you would like to know more about Facebook […]

Should I Use A Social Media Management Software?

Social media marketing is an incredibly important tool for every business and for a social media company. It draws in customers on platforms that people engage with every day and consumers look for business engagement on social media to determine if companies are responsive and customer-friendly. Consumers are drawn to businesses that utilize social media […]

The 5 Latest Facebook Updates

Updates Keep A Social Media Consultant In The Know The changes that keep happening to Facebook are some positive ways to keep in touch. For social media consultant /marketing companies such as MyCity Social in Orlando, it can make things difficult to stay ahead. Not all changes will work or make the differences we hope […]

Ways We Have Helped Retailers Obtain New Clients Consistently

If you are a struggling retail company and you need marketing right away, you need to contact MyCity Social for all of your digital marketing needs. Do not let your business go unnoticed; make sure you are marketing and spreading the word about your business in order to bring in more traffic. If you did […]

Want To Become a MyCity Social Influencer?

As the social media space becomes more competitive among businesses, the demand for social influencers increases. Businesses are having to turn to paid social media marketing and social influencers in order to obtain better results from social media. At MyCity Social, you can sign up as a social media influencer to easily find work. We […]

Exploring Twitter Ads in 2017

Social media advertising has become one of the most dynamic and inexpensive ways to promote a business, service or product on the Internet. Dynamic companies like Mycity Social have been tracking this phenomenon, watching it grow to prominence in only a few years. The consensus is the results are undoubtedly a testament to the strength […]

Social Media Marketing Goals you Should Implement

Every successful social media marketing campaign begins with clearly defined goals. Goals bridge the gap between ideas and results. Are you getting the results you want from your social media marketing campaigns? If not, then set some new social media marketing goals for your business. Here are some goal ideas that will help get you […]

Facebook Updates/Social Media Marketing Services Tampa Guru’s Are Loving!

MyCity Social is a digital marketing company that promotes small businesses. As a digital marketing company, they are always looking towards the future of marketing and keeping up with the latest trends in social media. Social media marketing services Tampa businesses trust are discussing the latest Facebook updates. Read more about them below.   The […]

Tell Your Brand Story W/ Instagram Carousel Ads

Instagram’s growing user-base and status as the 2nd most engaged with social network (2nd to Facebook) make it a clear favorite among advertisers looking to market to a tech-savvy millennial audience. The platform offers a variety of ad formats and targeting criteria that allow for brands to deliver timely, relevant, and image-based ads right to […]

6 Ways to Get Leads from Facebook with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has brought many amazing advancements to the table for businesses of all kinds. From the self-owned business to the corporate business, social media has given these companies a platform by which they can build their following. Social media is at the forefront of society nowadays, and through these sites, businesses can reach […]


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