Content Is King: Incorporating SEO Tactics Into Your Content Strategy

Running a business and having a good marketing strategy has always been two elements that must go hand in hand to reach success. In today’s technology-rich society, that important marketing element has evolved dramatically. It is no longer only about word of mouth or paying for advertising on the traditional media of TV, newspaper, billboards,

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5 Reasons Marketers Should Include AI Into Their Marketing Mix

In today’s world, technological advances seem to be happening by the minute, and they affect every aspect of our lives. As a society, we must take these advances and make the best of them. Since the Internet never sleeps and the incoming data is endless, this is where artificial intelligence (AI) can be handy. Digital

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PPC Management Company Explains All the Benefits

Have you been hearing about PPC management and not really sure if it will help your business and maybe not even know what it is? Our SEO Company, MyCity Social Miami originally based in Tampa will help you understand all the benefits of PPC Marketing.   What is PPC Marketing?   PPC stands for Pay

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Do You Need Local Listings?

When people use search engines such as Google, they will sometimes be given suggestions for local listings. For example, let’s say you are looking for a chiropractor. Without using the term “near me” the search engine may automatically suggest a local business based on their location settings. So, does this mean that you don’t need

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A Guide to Retail Marketing Online

Despite the growing popularity of online shopping, 90% of shoppers are still purchasing their goods at physical stores. And whether they have a good or bad experience, every encounter plays a crucial role in your retail marketing and online reputation. The first thing web searchers see when looking for a niche ‘’retail store near me”

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Tips from One of the Best Social Media Marketing Companies

Social media marketing is one of the most important components of digital marketing in today’s business world. Having a social media following and presence not only drives visitors to your site, but creates brand visibility and can help cultivate a following. Follow these social media marketing tips from one of the top digital marketing agencies

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5 Holiday Marketing Tips For Businesses

The holidays are an important time for businesses. They are a crucial time in gaining new customers and getting loyal customers excited about the offers available. There are a few ways that businesses can optimize their marketing strategies for the holiday season. For more information on this, contact MyCity Social, an internet marketing agency in

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What is Google AMP?

The Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project that is sponsored by Google. The project is an open-source initiative which aims at improving the performance of ads and web content through an innovative publishing technology dubbed AMP. This project was launched by Google to compete with Facebook’s Instant Articles. AMP includes web and social publishing platforms

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What Are Breadcrumbs? (We Aren’t Talking About Sandwiches)

When you hear the word “breadcrumbs”, you probably think of sandwiches or fairytales. But when it comes to digital marketing, breadcrumbs aren’t what falls off your sandwich or help you out of a forest. Breadcrumbs actually refer to marketing. There are so many different terms to describe digital marketing and with all of these terms

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