No SEO Benefits To Audio Versions Of Text Posts

For years, some webmasters believed that an audio version of a text post enhances search engine optimization. However, a meeting held earlier this year proved that this notion is yet another search engine optimization myth. What did they discuss? If an audio version of a post offers SEO benefits, does that mean it has no

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A Comprehensible Guide To Implementing SEO Services

Do you want to get SEO services for your business? Your first step is to understand all the nitty-gritty involved. Located in Fort Lauderdale, our SEO experts at MyCity Social have compiled this guide to explain where you should start and implement the services.  Getting SEO Services For Your Business If you want to implement

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The Importance of Integrating Your Social Media & SEO Strategy

Your social media and your SEO strategy may seem like two very separate things, but they are actually tightly intertwined. As a social media agency in Fort Lauderdale, MyCity Social knows how to make sure that these things are integrated successfully and that you understand why this is so important. We understand that marketing can

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Tell Your Brand Story W/ Instagram Carousel Ads

Instagram’s growing user-base and status as the 2nd most engaged with social network (2nd to Facebook) make it a clear favorite among advertisers looking to market to a tech-savvy millennial audience. The platform offers a variety of ad formats and targeting criteria that allow for brands to deliver timely, relevant, and image-based ads right to

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6 Ways to Get Leads from Facebook with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has brought many amazing advancements to the table for businesses of all kinds. From the self-owned business to the corporate business, social media has given these companies a platform by which they can build their following. Social media is at the forefront of society nowadays, and through these sites, businesses can reach

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What Is The Difference Between Social Media And Search Engine Optimization?

In the world of online marketing, both social media and search engine optimization are the two most common ways of performing inbound content marketing. Both center around creating content, promoting the content and measuring the results, but the similarities end there. Read below for an in-depth look into the difference between social media and SEO according to

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