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Changes in the way that Google results come up can affect businesses by way of their Google My Business results. With the constant updates to Google’s algorithm, your business has to learn to adapt in order to stay highly ranked and relevant in the eyes and minds of consumers. This can be a challenging task to undergo alone. However, MyCity Social, a business offering SEO Services Tampa, Florida rely on, can help you manage your Google My Business listing and ensure that you stay up-to-date with the changes that are always happening.

RankBrain brings AI to your search results


The RankBrain update of 2015 brought artificial intelligence to search results on Google. The search engine utilized the software to learn how to process queries and results and rank web pages in a more accurate manner. It adapted to process complex sentences and phrases to decipher meaning and information from them, which drove up the need for higher quality content regarding the search topics. You could no longer trick the search engine into placing your results first. In order to have a higher ranked result, your business had to have relevant content.


Cutbacks on local pack of Google My Business results


Another update of 2015 was the cutback on local business results available when you typed in a search. They were brought down from seven results to three which limited the amount of businesses that would gain immediate notice from search results and increased the need for business to higher ranked locally. Though the mechanics of SEO were not much affected, the visibility of certain businesses were certainly limited.


Possum update affects local results


In 2016, Possum was updated in order to help businesses in adjoining communities. Before the update, the search results were often limited to a particular geographical area and would not include those that were not inside that area. This meant that if you were on the edge of a city and you searched for results inside of the city, you would only get those with an address in the city, but a business that was closer to you but was outside the city would not appear as highly ranked.


However, with the Possum update, your search results no longer relied exclusively on your search terms. Rather, the update allowed your search to include your location in order to find businesses that were both relevant to your query and that were nearby. The change was done as a result of mobile devices and their increasing importance in internet usage. By utilizing the location services of mobile device, you could receive more accurate results.

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Google My Business is an important way for your business to be seen by an entire consumer base. Knowing how to get your business listing in front of the eyes of consumers can be an important factor in how successful your business is. However, this can be a difficult thing to do in the constantly changing world of digital marketing. If you are looking for help in the Tampa area, try the SEO services Tampa trusts for assistance in getting your business’s listing updated. MyCity Social, a business offering SEO service Tampa business owners rely on, can get you the help you need for your business.


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