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As many of you may have already noticed about the millennial market as business owners is that they are constantly engaged in technology. Whether they are checking their email, texting, playing a game or using the internet to research an item or service, technology is simply a part of every moment of their day. As the demand for more wifi hotspots has grown, MyCity Social continues to evolve and find ways to help small business owners tap into this market. Our Orlando SEO Company has decided to dive right in and offer WIFI routers to our clients!


What Do The MyCity WIFI Routers Look Like?


Our routers are quite sleek and contemporary looking compared to most other routers on the market. We wanted a design that would be easy to integrate into your establishment and look trendy. With this compact and thin design, the wifi router will be more aesthetically pleasing compared to bulky and older routers. There are color options as well if you would like to brand your router with the color of your business.


What Benefits Do Your Routers Offer Over All Others?


We take technology to the next level with our MyCity WIFI routers. These powerful gadgets will be able to take visitors to a branded portal where they can sign in and all their internet activity is tracked. The data gathered from their activity is used to figure out what your target market is interested in, what social media channels they like to visit, and most importantly, their contact information is compiled as well.


Knowledge is power, and with this important data you can fine tune your marketing efforts and store atmosphere to best suit their interests and needs.


Our marketers at our Orlando SEO Company will use the data to send out highly tailored newsletter blasts and other potent marketing tactics. The goal is to keep customers coming back from more!

How Much Do They Cost?
The wifi routers are very inexpensive at only $49.99. Imagine, for under $50.00 you can give visitors a WIFI hotspot that is branded to your business and is fast and reliable. You then obtain the gift of data to potentially grow your business exponentially.

I Am Not Good With Technology. Who Will Set This Up?
Not to worry if you are not great with technology, guess what…we are! Our MyCity team is happy to help you set these up at your place of business and begin harnessing the power of data and technology to attract more clients.

Will This Really Increase My ROI?
Yes! Millennials are more likely to sit down and stay longer at an establishment that offers WIFI compared to those that don’t. Just look inside any Starbucks and you will see how those innovators changed the entire game when it came to the coffee industry. You too can attract more clients and become a better provider to your customers needs with MyCity WIFI!


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