Buckhead is a lavish residential and commercial district in Atlanta city of Georgia. Its high-rise buildings host several luxurious rental spaces. Including offices, apartments, retail shops, restaurants, bars, salons, and institutions. The area is appealing to the eye, thus attracting people from all walks of life. But it is primarily a wealthy neighborhood.


The estimated population of people who live in Buckhead is approximately 87, 000. But, this population nearly doubles up during the day to around 140, 000. Because many people who work and conduct businesses in Buckhead cannot afford to stay.


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So, why do its residents love the place this much? Well, the neighborhood is very impressive. It is an upscale and affluent place. It has high-rise apartments, trendy restaurants, hippy bars, and lots of other entertainment joints. There are several workspaces, and also the public education system is well established. All these amenities make workspaces an adequate residence for people of all ages.

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