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In the beautiful historic district of Castleberry Hill, there are plenty of restaurants, bars and small businesses to get your family everything you may need or want. This charming town became a City of Atlanta Landmark District in 2006. It’s the perfect location to settle down and live a good life. This can even include starting your own small business right in Castleberry Hill. If you feel like you’re lacking in the necessary marketing research and tools it takes to get your small business off of the ground, you need MyCity Social. We have been helping hundreds of small businesses flourish and find their marketing voice, whether it’s in SEO optimization or in better brand awareness.


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With the boom of online searches and recommendations comes a greater need of understanding online communication and brand awareness. Knowing what terms to use and how to optimize your appearance in top Google searches will grow your business and see an increase in both online and in-person shopping. You don’t have to flood the online markets with your brand and company name, but instead carefully and thoughtfully craft your website and media awareness in order to target the right audience. Building your company right in the heart of Castleberry Hill will mean reaching that audience specifically. How you write or present your business can go a long way in increasing your sales and brand attention, and it takes a special touch to accomplish this effortlessly.

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The specialists at MyCity Social offer the best in marketing research and comprehensive tools. We are available during working hours to give you the best experience and knowledge in pushing traffic to your business. Working with us also includes access to Google Analytics and Agency Analytics software, giving you the reporting tools you want to monitor and track your business’ awareness and growth over time. We also offer WordPress sites, landing pages, Shopify and more for your business to showcase its products and services effectively. We know how important SEO optimization is for any business’ growth, and we will utilize this service if it fits well with your business model. We strive for nothing short of excellence.

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With the world opening up more and more each day, you want to ensure your business lasts with these uncertain times. Relying only on word of mouth won’t produce enough strength to your business, leading to a decline. You’ll need support and assistance in all things marketing, and will need only the best and brightest to help you. Trust only the best and start working with the wonderful team at MyCity Social today!

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