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Walking around the picturesque neighborhood of Centennial Hill may be one of your favorite past times. If another one of your past times involves opening a small business, you’ll want local help in marketing your new business. With an office right in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, MyCity Social is the premiere marketing firm you need. With individualized marketing resources catered to your specific goals and company, you’ll see the difference we can make for your business.


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Knowing the Marketing World

Trusting your business to the expertise of a marketing company may feel hard at first. You want only the best and brightest helping your business flourish, and it can be difficult finding a reputable firm. But trying to handle all the aspects of the marketing world on your own can be overwhelming, and may end up costing you more in the long run. Being able to manage a website, multiple social media platforms, and writing continuous copy for all the websites and platforms can almost be a full time job in of itself. Plus you also have to run and manage your business, including payroll and assisting employees and customers. The last area of your business you want to neglect is marketing, as this is a tried and true method of increasing both physical and online foot traffic. Pulling people to your website will increase your overall customer numbers, and thus revenue. If you don’t put enough time and energy into marketing your business, you’ll be left with fewer and fewer customers or clients, and this can lead to drastic changes and budget cuts. Don’t leave everything to yourself, trust MyCity Social to help you navigate the marketing world and boost your business quickly and efficiently.

The Client Is First

MyCity Social provides expert marketing services that start with you, our client. We will sit down with you first and take the time to get to know you and what your overall goals are. Knowing what you want to accomplish will help us figure out the best way to help your business flourish. Utilizing SEO optimization and keyword searches, we will build a platform that focuses on your products and services, driving more online traffic your way. If you’re starting from absolute scratch, we can even build your own business website, giving it the flair and character that helps drive attention. We won’t stop there, though, giving you newsletter and text message campaigns, PPC Adwords, CRM services, photo shoots and more.

What We Offer

Our downtown Atlanta location allows you ease in getting the marketing help you need. We also have representatives all throughout the Atlanta area to get you connected quickly to knowledgeable specialists. Our social media management will tackle all of your online necessities, leaving you to focus on managing and running your business efficiently. Our hands-on approach guarantees results, no matter what your business is facing!

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Ready to rely on the best marketing firm in the Centennial Hill neighborhood? Trust MyCity Social to handle all your marketing needs, from SEO strategy, keyword searches, website building, Google Ad Words, and more! Get the individualized marketing resources your business needs and work with MyCity Social today! Connect with us now to get started!

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