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Organic SEO is an online marketing strategy that consists of smaller strategies to help you rank higher on the search engines. With the help of keywords and supporting keywords, and link building, you can rank your website higher without paying anything. MyCity Social provides you with affordable local SEO services and guides you along the way to optimize your online presence.

What is Organic SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving web pages and making them relevant and attractive for users. The most common type of SEO used by businesses is organic SEO, which is the process of using unpaid, algorithm-driven strategies to naturally increase your website’s ranking in search engines such as Google.

There are different types of SEO strategies:

  • On-page SEO includes things you can control to improve your ranking on your website, such as including keywords in your content and metadata. 
  • Off-page SEO is anything you can do on other websites to improve your ranking, like using SEO-optimized backlinks.  

Using these two strategies can help you ensure that your website ranks in Google’s top results, which helps drive traffic and promote your business. Having a solid organic SEO strategy is the first step to a successful digital marketing plan. 

What Factors Go Into An Organic SEO Strategy?

Most organic SEO strategies include techniques that collectively improve your website and its ranking in the search engines by working with certain factors:

1. Keywords

Keywords are the backbone of organic SEO – they’re used by Google and other search engines to categorize a page by its content and present it to users who search for that specific query. Keywords are used in content, in your site’s metadata, and in a wide range of other places to ensure that search engines know what your website is about and what searches it should appear in.

2. Content

The content that you publish, whether it’s on your website or on social media, is a huge factor in organic SEO. Content should be relevant, useful to your readers, and contain keywords and metadata that makes it easy for search engines to rank it and show it to the right audience.

3. Internal Linking

Internal linking refers to the inner structure of your website – ideally, all of your pages will be linked to other places on your website. This structure allows search engine bots to “crawl” your website – these web crawlers help organize your site’s information and index it appropriately, and they use your site’s internal links to do this.

4. Tags

Tags are the way that you organize the data on your site – you can use tags to denote a post’s topic, related topics, and even the location that you want it to appear for. Adding tags to written content, images, and other media makes it even easier for web crawling bots to index your website and ensure that it appears in the relevant searches.

Why Should You Choose MyCity Social?

Organic SEO is a crucial strategy for any business operating in the digital age. However, if you’re focused on running your business, you might not have time to ensure that your website is optimized for organic SEO correctly. That’s where organic SEO services like MyCity Social come in.

Our expert team of organic SEO experts, digital marketing gurus and seasoned content creators can take control of your website’s SEO strategy, leaving you more time to work on what matters – building your business! We have 15 years of digital marketing experience, and we specialize in working with small businesses to help them stand out. Whether you’re starting from scratch or overhauling your existing website, we can create an organic SEO strategy that will take your business’s online presence to the next level.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing company that understands your needs, contact us today! We’d be happy to chat with you. Call (866) 955-3287 or email us at

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