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At MyCity Social we are a family business that recognizes that most small to medium-sized businesses have a need for quality digital marketing services. With over 6 years of helping local businesses, we have been able to put together customized programs that help small business owners accomplish their online marketing goals. Our team of over 50, emphasizes customer service and quality of work while working directly with their customer’s needs and provide unique solutions for their business. MyCity Social is a full-service digital marketing company covering all digital marketing services such as; social media, social media ads, newsletters, text messages, website development, SEO, Google My Business, Google Ad words, CRM services, and more.

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About MyCity SOCIAL

A one of a kind digital marketing company!

MyCity SOCIAL didn’t start until 2015. It first started as a different concept called MyCity Eats which was an online guide, and dining magazine in 2008 in Orlando, FL.  During its startup period, MyCityEats worked with small business owners helping them build their business with print media, software, and an online guide. It was during this time where MyCityEats added other brands such as MyCity Beauty, MyCity Campus, MyCityGolf and spent over 7 years perfecting the perfect marketing packages geared to the small business owner. The local attorney, the small pizzeria, and the local A/C repair guy were the building blocks of the marketing packages that they share today. Through trial and error and working with 1000’s local business owners, the company was able to build a very strong idea of what exactly a small business needed for a successful digital marketing campaign.

In 2015, a restaurant in Miami did not want to manage their social media or newsletters and asked one of the owners to do all the work for them. Instead of the restaurant doing the work themselves, they asked MyCityEats to do it. It was this one interaction that led to the idea for MyCity Social and in 2016 MyCity Social was officially born. Focusing on the small to the medium-sized business, MyCity Social has cultivated its services to focus specifically on the SMB business’ which is reflecting of the marketing services we offer today.

From its beginning period to now, MyCity SOCIAL has grown from a few local markets in Florida to working nationally and having physical offices throughout the South East USA. At the beginning of 2020 MyCity SOCIAL was poised for its next steps and successfully completed its franchise offering. It wasn’t until March 2020 when the Caronavirus struck and really expedited the process of how small businesses operated digitally. It was during this time where MyCity SOCIAL expanded nationally as well as working with businesses from around the world.

The digital marketing industry is poised to continue growing for the foreseeable future and MyCity SOCIAL is positioned to be the company that small businesses turn to when looking for a small or complete digital marketing solution.  We understand that a recognizable brand, along with a strong customer relationship and comprehensive digital services is the catalyst that will continue to propel MyCity SOCIAL to continue on its path to becoming the largest and most recognizable digital marketing company.

Technology is key

To get the most out of digital marketing, MyCity SOCIAL understands that developing powerful tools is key to getting the most out of marketing campaigns. We remain committed to developing and using software that gives our clients the best advantage. MyCity SOCIAL has developed several cutting-edge digital marketing tools that give its clients a unique advantage. For example, MyCity SOCIAL has developed its online marketing suite that combines a CRM together with e-mail marketing software, text messaging software, review building software, reporting software, apps, and more.  These powerful tools give our digital marketing team the extra power they need to provide MyCity SOCIAL’s clients with a competitive advantage they can’t find anywhere else.

Mission Statements, Value  Statements, and more...

We use our Leadership Principles every day, whether we’re discussing ideas for new projects or deciding on the best approach to solving a problem. It is just one of the things that make MyCity SOCIAL peculiar.


To help businesses and individuals excel through the use of innovative digital marketing services at competitive prices.


To make MyCity Social recognized as the number one provider of quality, digital marketing services


Fun / Enjoyable.
Team Oriented.


  • Customer obsession.
  • Develop and promote leadership.
  • Seek creative solutions.
  • Improve what you started with.
  • Integrity.
  • Bias for action.
  • Espouse education.
  • Keep yourself accountable for your work.
  • Create something you are proud of.


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