Interested in the world of digital marketing jobs? Are you an experienced veteran of the field or a newbie just starting out? If you said yes to any of these questions, then look no further, because MyCity Social is hiring! Located in Florida, we have a plentitude of digital marketing jobs for you to apply to. MyCity Social specializes in helping small businesses accomplish big dreams by growing and expanding their reach, but MyCity Social is growing too and we need more talented people like you to keep up with demand. Our digital marketing jobs will provide you hands-on practical experiences and help you grow in digital marketing.

Top digital marketing agency Florida
Top digital marketing agency Florida

MyCity Social offers Full Employee Benefits. Including

  • Group Health Benefits

  • 401k

  • Dental, Vision insurance and More

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SEO Services

Our team is constantly staying up to date with search engine algorithms and staying ahead of the latest trends, fads, and updates. By improving companies’ SEO or search engine optimization, we make it so that they come up sooner in online searches. Besides discovering the specific keywords and phrases people are looking up, we also implement them into websites and ads. Apply to our digital marketing jobs to learn more about search engine optimization!

Digital Marketing Services

  • MyCity Social Review Builder

    With our custom made tool, we help companies gather reviews so they can learn exactly what people like and don’t like about their products and services so that they can make the changes they need to happily satisfy their customers.

  • Email Marketing

    An easy way to keep companies in contact with their consumers is to send emails. Nowadays though, most people’s emails are swapped with junk, so it’s important to make sure their emails stick out, which is exactly what we’ll help them do.

  • Social Media Management

    We help businesses schedule posts so that they always have a steady and consistent stream of content and updates for their followers.

  • Text Messaging

    Texting is one of the most direct and intimate ways of communicating with clients. To do so you need to walk a fine line. The last thing a company wants is for someone to opt-out of their texts or block their number. We help companies decide what to text out and make sure that their customers won’t want to miss out.

  • Detailed Analytics

    In order to improve their business companies need to look at the data. Just being successful isn’t enough, a company needs to know why they’re successful so they can keep it up. It’s also extremely important to know which parts of the business aren’t working so they can decide whether or not to invest more time in improving that part or whether they should drop it.

  • Loyalty Program

    Rewarding return clients for their continued use of products and services is a great way to encourage them and new customers to visit a businesses’ website and make another purchase. We help companies come up with tiers and rewards that are sure to increase return customers.

Social Media Marketing

One of the best ways to directly interact with an audience is through social media. Whether it be through LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, we can help businesses create buzz to strengthen their brand on any social media site. We also help them develop a strategy to create engaging content and increase their interactions with their clients and followers.


PPC or Pay Per Click is when a company pays a website to host their ad and pays them for every click they get. At MyCity Social we provide audits for AdWords & Facebook Ads and will provide companies with a free 32-point audit on what is and is not working for with their current ads. We’ll also test out their sites and provide them with Analytics Reporting to know how their ads are doing.

Reputation Management Services

Brand reputation means now more than ever. Enough bad press can kill a small business so that’s why we’re here to keep them on track. We can help suppress negative search results by helping replace them with good press that highlights their business and their products. We’ll also help them monitor their reputation and work to keep it exactly what they want it to be.

Web Development

A website is a must-have for any business in 2020, but just having a site on its own isn’t enough anymore. A site needs to be good looking and easy to navigate. Whether a company needs a site built from scratch or they already have a site that just needs updating, our team of professionals can help with either.

CRM Services

CRM or customer relationship management is essential for growing any business. Our system can help keep track of phone call leads, website leads, and social media leads. No matter where customers are coming from we’ll help create a database to keep track of them.

Influencer Marketing

An influencer is anyone who has a presence or following online. Influencers like other celebrities can endorse products and help companies reach new audiences. Here at MyCity Social, we help companies match with the influencer who will best benefit their brand and help get them in contact with the influencer.

Reasons to Work at MyCity Social

  • Growing company

    For over five years MyCity Social has been growing and expanding, and we’re far from done. We currently have five locations in Florida including Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, and we’re looking to keep expanding. As we take on more and more clients, we need more and more people to help us stay on top of the game and to keep our clients as happy as can be.

  • Work hard, play hard environment

    While it’s a given that hard work is essential for any business to thrive and grow, a lot of companies forget to have fun too. Many adults think playing is only important for children, but it’s just as important for adults. Having fun or playing helps keep the brain sharp, strengthens critical thinking and is a great way to blow off steam. Being in a negative state of mind all the time will impede your effectiveness, so it’s important to take a break every now and then before you hit the grind running.

  • Company Events

    Whether it be team outings, Ideathons, yearly events such as Christmas party or Olympics, we believe in spending time with each other as a company. Our employees are some of the best in the business and we like to show them just how much we appreciate them. Collaboration is key to any business’s success and we value the opinions of each and every one of our employees.

What It Takes To Work At MyCity Social

Working at MyCity Social is a challenging and rewarding experience. Our employees get to grow and evolve with the ever-changing Digital Marketing Industry. With Digital Marketing, there is constant change. New software, new algorithm changes, and new ways to please Google. We pride ourselves on giving our employees everything they need to succeed in Digital Marketing and we expect hard work and determination in return. It takes a special type of person to work at MyCity Social.


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