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At MyCity Social we are experts in creating a beauty and healthcare marketing strategy that is unique to your business. Our plan will enable you to spread your name through social media, and medical newsletters, with an aim of increasing your clientele.

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SEO For Medical Practice

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to ranking high on Google. When readers are searching for queries they usually find their answers on the first page of the result pages. We tailor your website around keywords and content that are sure to drive traffic to your website.

Trust the digital marketing experts to take your brand to the next level.

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You Get To Change The Narrative

It’s no secret that the internet is full of information that’s both right and wrong at the same time. By leveraging digital marketing for doctors, you can change this. To put your knowledge out there as an expert and correct what is wrong.

Our healthcare marketing strategy allows you to share information and market your services. You get to control the narrative. Take advantage of the digital marketing platform to rectify myths and offer alternatives.

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medical marketing agency

You Get To Advertise Yourself

The online space provides great scope for effective advertising for healthcare where you showcase your services. Most doctors tend to shy away from the online community, as they assume it makes them look irrelevant. That is not true. In fact, almost all your customers are online.

MyCity Social will hold your hand through the process, and help your business reach beyond geographical boundaries.

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You Build Trust And Authority

Healthcare is a delicate and sensitive sector. It operates on trust and expertise. No one will allow an unskilled doctor near them. But how can potential clients know if you have what it takes to help them? Without referrals, they have no proof of your expertise.

Digital marketing for doctors helps clients gain trust and create goodwill for your brand. Marketing for healthcare can be designed to build your credibility in the industry. You can do this by constantly providing helpful and relevant information through your website and online content.

medical marketing agency

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Finally Finding the Right Marketing Partner
  • 35% Increase in Total Leads

  • 30% Increase in Advertising Leads

  • 2,470% Increase in Organic Web Traffic

How to Get Started with Healthcare And Beauty Industry Marketing

What Is SEO In Healthcare Marketing?

It is your ticket to goal achievement. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has proven helpful to businesses with more online presence, more leads, more conversions, and more revenue.

SEO involves maximizing your website to find favor with search engines for visibility in the healthcare industry. Without a doubt, any digital marketing plan is incomplete without SEO.
It enables you to establish brand awareness and build trust and credibility with your current and potential customers.

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Do Healthcare Providers Need PPC Despite Utilizing SEO?

Most healthcare providers worry that investing in Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns may be unnecessary. After all, it works to achieve the same goal as SEO. That is to increase your online presence.

SEO optimizes your website for organic searches while PPC seeks to recover missed organic searches. PPC ads get you in front of potential clients as they look through related business sites and guarantee quality traffic rather than many unprofitable visits.

Therefore, it’s advisable to combine the two to boost your search engine presence.

Digital Marketing For Doctors Does It work?

Yes. We are living in a digital world. Nearly 42% of patients say that they prefer making online appointments with the doctor’s office.

When you think about it, this is more than half of your clientele. Therefore, our healthcare marketing strategy is a MUST-HAVE for any medical or cosmetic clinic. We provide internet solutions to keep you in the mix.

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How Can You Get A Website For Your Health & Beauty Business?

At MyCity Social, we offer web design and development as part of our healthcare marketing strategy. We ensure that your website contains information about healthcare services and related subjects.

We will create a website with medical information that is filled with factual information that adds value to the readers.

If you are not big on the digital space, don’t worry. MyCity Social has just the right healthcare marketing strategy for you. We can help you ease into the online space.

Frequently Asked Questions

For starters, it is important as potential customers find your business with your website.

If you are talking of a tool that can deliver your brand’s message right into your clients’ inbox, definitely!

For starters, communicating with prospects and current customers has been made easy. With email marketing, you can collect feedback and surveys about your services without struggling. This helps you improve your services to boost web traffic.

Yes, it will!

Any credible company will provide its details through GMB profiles and listings. So that, once customers Google you, they will see your information on the right-hand side panel. These include your name, operation hours, and location. Since Google can back you up, it makes you trustworthy.

GMB also allows you to use reviews, questions, and answers to attract more people to your products and services.

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