How People communicate With Search Engines

Whereas there are many elements that would help in developing a good online marketing strategy around SEO, one of the most vital is empathy for your audience. Once you can successfully understand what your target market is searching, you can reach those users and keep them.


One clue we always repeat is “develop for users, not for search engines.” People’s search queries are of three types:

  • “Do” Queries (Transactional): I want to do something, like download an app, or purchase a ticket.
  • “Know” Queries (Informational): I need details such as recipes needed for a Mediterranean diet, or where best restaurants in town.
  • “Go” Queries (Navigation): I want to go to a site on website, like a betting site.

An important question that search engines attempt to answer every time is; “when visitors search and the results land them on your site, will what they find satisfy them?” The basic goal of search engines is providing results that are relevant to the search queries of users. So, try to analyze what your target customers’ needs and ensure your site serves them.

It all begins with what is typed in the search box.

There are certain noticeable changes to how people make use of search engines over the years, but there has not been too much

change to the principles of making a search. Most search follow something like this procedure:

  1. Discover the need to find an information, an answer, or a solution.
  2. Construct the need into a simple set of words called “the query.”
  3. Enter the query into the search box of a search engine.
  4. Scan through the results to have a pick.
  5. Click on a result.
  6. Scan for an answer or a link to the answer.
  7. If unsatisfied, go back to the results page and click on another link or.
  8. Conduct another search with minor changes to the query.

The Great Importance of Marketing with SEO

Is it even worth it investing your effort, times, and resources on SEO? When showing keen interest in Search engine usage, there are intriguing info from various of studies that can help. We have deliberately picked out the recent and relevant ones that will not only explain how users search, but also table a logical and expository argument about the strength of SEO.


Google leads the way in a February 2016 study by comScore:

  • Google led the U.S. core search market (Desktop only) in February with 64.0% percent of the searches conducted, followed by Microsoft with 21.4%, and Yahoo with 12.2%. ( Yahoo search is powered by Microsoft. Actually, a much higher percentage of traffic is seen by most webmasters from Google than these figures say.)
  • Total search powered by Google properties equaled 64.0% of all desktop search queries, followed by Bing which powered 31.9 percent of all search.view


Billions spent on online marketing from a 2017 Forrester report:

  • Online marketing costs will approach $120 billion in 2021.
  • Investment in paid search, display advertising, social media advertising, online video advertising and email marketing will pace to 46% of all advertising.


StatCounter Global Stats reports the top 5 search engines sending traffic worldwide in February 2019:

  • Google sends 92.92% of traffic.
  • Bing sends 2.38% of traffic.
  • Yahoo! sends 1.79% of traffic.
  • Baidu sends 1.03% of traffic.
  • Yandex Ru sends 0.55% of traffic.


From the details above, we can correctly make certain conclusions about search engines and marketing through them, especially, the following statements:

  • Search engine is very popular and its popularity keeps on increasing at a rate of about 20% each year, reaching almost all Americans online, and billions of people across the universe.
  • Search engines influence a huge amount of online and offline economic operations.
  • To be very visible, ranking high and featuring in the first few results is vital.
  • Featuring among the first few results does not only drive traffic, it makes consumers trust you, see your company or website as very relevant and important.

To achieve these goals, it is very important to understand the basics of SEO.

“To marketers, one of the vital means of reaching consumers and building a business is through the internet, and search engines, to be precise.”


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