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As a digital marketing agency Florida, Tampa, Miami and Orlando businesses trust for results, MyCity Social knows the importance of digital marketing for a small business. There are many components to consider that go beyond social media, encompassing review building, email marketing, and so much more. Navigating through all of these factors on one’s own can be overwhelming for a small business owner, which is why we here. With the best social media marketing Florida has to offer, we can create a digital presence for your business that will not only expand your scope but build your brand. To learn more about the social media marketing Florida businesses trust, contact us at MyCity Social.


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Review Builder

Reviews are crucial for businesses

Reviews are crucial for businesses. These days, consumers have no shortage of options when it comes to accessing reviews of a business, and a few key red flags that keep people away are too few reviews or too many bad ones. You, as a business owner, must therefore do your best to get as many (good) reviews as possible. Review Builder is a powerful tool that allows us to build reviews for your business on Facebook, Yelp, and Google+. As a top digital marketing agency Florida, Tampa and Orlando businesses trust for results, MyCity Social has developed unique algorithms that give you the opportunity to maximize your reviews on these sites while simultaneously preventing the possibility of negative reviews. This is incredibly useful for those businesses that are still at the start of their career and need that extra help in building those opportunities for reviews from previous clients and customers.tes.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one the most common ways that businesses communicate with their clients. It’s a convenient way of getting out your latest news, specials, and any other information to your client base in a way that is comprehensive, but still capable of snagging their attention. Our email marketing suite gives your business the ability to integrate with our Customer Relationship Management system or allows you the option to upload your entire customer list instantly. From there, your guru will design your email campaigns. If you don’t already have an email list, we also offer a loyalty program which gives you a way to build up the list.

SEO branding in Miami
Marketing Research

Social Media Management

Social media is such an important part of a business’s presence online.

When a consumer searches for a business online, they like to see a few certain things. As mentioned, they will most likely look at reviews, but they are also drawn to pictures of the business’ products or services, page responsiveness (so that no question goes unanswered), and consistent updates so that they know that what they see currently, is what they’re getting today. If a business’ social media presence lacks in any of these, the consumer may feel uneasy about the quality of the company, and take their business elsewhere. With our extensive social media management experience here at MyCity Social, your guru can manage all of your major social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+ directly from our platform. We’ll schedule your posts for the entire week and make it easy for potential clients to engage with and contact you via social media.

Text Messaging

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give your clients and customers on the spot updates just by texting them? Well you can! Text message marketing is an innovative way of communicating that allows you to share promotions and information directly with your customer base. Our texting platform integrates smoothly with our customer database and includes opt-in promotions and scheduled texts so that we can help your business be more readily accessible to your customers and reach them almost immediately for any events and promotions you may have. However, we know how important it is to know where all your money is going, which is why our text messaging system is email-based, so that you’ll never be charged a fee for texts sent out to your customers.

SEO branding in Miami
SEO branding in Miami

Detailed Analytics

None of the work that we do would mean anything if the business owner could not see the results for themselves. This is why we provide our clients with in-depth analytics of the work that we do so that they can understand the inner-workings of our services and how they can improve their business. And because we believe in communication and collaboration with our clients. we strive to be a resource for them to come to, so that they’ll be as informed as we are during the digital marketing process. To do this, each month, your guru will go over your reports with you and suggest strategies to help further improve the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Loyalty Program

As a digital marketing agency Florida, Tampa and Orlando businesses love, we know that it is critical, especially for small businesses, to show their appreciation to returning customers. With our services, you can utilize your own iPad or Android tablet to serve as the base of a loyalty program for your business. Simply ask the customer to enter their information directly into the tablet and they are automatically enrolled in the program. Using the tablet, you can collect emails, birthdays, cell phone numbers, and much more. You can also choose to set rewards for customers who return a certain number of times and give those rewards to the customers who utilize the loyalty program.

SEO branding in Miami

Google My Business

Apple maps optimization now available

  • Have your business appear in local search results on Google
  • Optimize company exposure using Google My Business
  • Optimize your business organically and attract more customers
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SEO Branding near Tampa

Video and Photo Content Generation

  • Complete professional photo session resulting in high quality engaging photos of your business
  • Your guru can assist you in helping creating the best content for your business
  • Artwork will be used for your newsletters, social media, website, etc.

Choose from a 15-60 second video production
Receive from 15-60 high quality photographs of your business
Video posted online to YouTube and/or social media platforms

Website maintenance

Website maintenance packages can be tailored to the client’s specific needs. This means you can let them choose what services they want. This at least includes the WordPress core, plugins, and themes. Services typically include a combination of the following:

Update the WordPress core, plugins, and themes and ensure that everything works together as planned and solve any issues that arise.

Perform both automatic and manual backups on a regular schedule. Backups will be used to restore the website if needed.

3 Hours of Monthly Edits

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