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Customers can be a business’s biggest asset, and the feedback and reviews they leave online can make or break their success. Positive reviews increase a business’s reputation and have the potential to draw a significant amount of traffic towards it!

Negative reviews can decrease trust and reliance, and may lower your ranking on search engines. Don’t worry, MyCity Social Online Review Builder is here to help!

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Search Engine Marketing at tampa

What Our Review Builder Service Can Do for Businesses

Most customers neglect to leave feedback and reviews after doing business with you, so getting organic reviews can be difficult!

Our Review Builder is a subscription-based service that can increase the number of positive reviews your business gets. We only publish four and five-star reviews to maintain your online reputation.

One, two, and three-star reviews are never published with our service. They’re sent directly to you so you can easily resolve customer issues and know what internal changes to make in the future.

Reviews generated through our service are always written by 100% real customers, so there’s no risk of AI-generated reviews tarnishing your business’s credibility!

What You Get With Our Services

For just $35 per week, our review building services offer business owners their choice of notifications that encourage customers to share their experience with you.

Choose from:


Personalized emails


Text blasts


Social media posts

You can opt to have these review requests sent automatically once per month, or manually through the Review Builder manager on your MyCity Social member profile!

When customers respond to our requests to review, our service automatically filters through the feedback based on how many stars the customer gave your business.

Four and Five Star Reviews

Automatically published, visible to other customers, and promoted on your social media platforms so other potential customers can see this positive feedback as soon as they visit your page.

One, Two, and Three Star Reviews

Not published or visible to the public, but instead sent directly to you to read over and resolve.

Help Your Business in a Two-Fold Way

Your average rating and reputation won’t be brought down by disgruntled customers, and you have an opportunity to respond and remedy the customer’s woes!

Our Review Builder is an excellent way not only to increase the number of reviews your business has, but increase the number of positive reviews it has!

Easily find new reviews on your MyCity Social member profile. You’ll be automatically notified of any reviews that require your action.

Why Your Business Needs Review Building Services

If your business is lacking positive reviews, you need our review building services!

When you have more four and five-star reviews, sales and traffic to your store or website increase. Privately receiving negative feedback helps you improve customer experience and make necessary internal changes without any risk of tarnishing your reputation!

Customers love how easy our streamlined review building process is!

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