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With the Internet being a crucial marketing tool for business owners, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has received a lot of attention. Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your website to appear on Google before your competitors. No matter what type of business you operate, your potential customers are using Google to search for businesses just like yours. It’s imperative for your website to show up on the first page to gain their business. Your website should be beautiful, clean, easy to use, and mobile friendly. It should have contact forms placed throughout the website to encourage website visitors to drop you a line, which results in what we call, a qualified lead. As an SEO Company Miami locals trust, know that you will tackle the world of SEO with a highly-trained team on your side.


Website Optimization (Miami SEO) Services You Can Trust

Need SEO services Miami businesses can trust? MyCity Social is more than just a Miami SEO company, we are a company committed to providing the highest quality service to those small businesses that make Miami thrive. When MyCity Social does Miami SEO services, we take all updates and industry standards into account. We know that running a small business is often an uphill battle and any help that you can get to make that battle easier is always welcome. That is why we are here to help. By giving you access to the real professionals with tried and true experience in the field of SEO, you can see a real difference in the success of your business and feel confident about your investment. If you would like to learn more about the Miami SEO that could transform your business’s online presence, contact us at MyCity Social today.

Our SEO Specialists will know your business inside and out. They will do keyword research to see EXACTLY what words people are typing into Google for services just like yours. Once we know how people are looking for services like yours, we will use our SEO tactics to improve the quality and appearance of your website while targeting the chosen keywords. We will provide monthly reports that detail our success. The goal is for your website to show up before your competitors. Our team of Miami SEO Experts knows how important SEO is, but do you? SEO is “organic” advertising. That means that we are not paying Google to put your website at the top of the search page. We are using “organic” SEO tactics to get your website on page 1 without having to pay Google (pay-per-click advertising). SEO is a long-term and extremely beneficial tactic. If all you did was Google pay-per-click ads, you would have to continuously pay Google for website traffic and leads. SEO is the BEST strategy for gaining new business.

Miami SEO Experts Who Are Proud To Live In Miami

Miami Business Is Booming!

Miami Business Is Booming!

In 2019, Miami hit No. 1 for small business growth in the United States. The financial data of nearly 30,000 companies was analyzed and based on numerous factors, Miami surpassed New York in the health of our small business growth. Miami is BOOMING with business, and it’s because of more than the weather.

International Trade

International Trade

Miami is the gateway to Latin America, which means there are endless opportunities for importers and exporters. International trade plays a huge role in the economy of Miami-Dade county and provides thousands of jobs. Whatever your importing or exporting, don’t you want a professional website for your business? Don’t you want more customers or businesses to work with? If people can’t find you online, they won’t know you exist. MyCity Social specializes in B2B marketing, which means, we would build a website that appeals to other business owners.



In 2018, more than 16.5 overnight visitors came to Miami, putting $18 million in the hands of local businesses. Miami is a melting-pot of culture. A vibrant, ever-growing community that boasts top rated restaurants, night clubs, spas, and don’t get us started on the amazing beaches and water activities. As locals, we get to enjoy this stuff on a regular basis. For those visiting from out of town, they come to Miami knowing they are going to spend money in tourism shops, at restaurants, boating excursions, etc. With such a thriving tourism industry, there’s a lot of competition for local business owners. At our Miami SEO company, we know what it takes to get you to out-rank your competitors and get the attention of tourists. You want YOUR WEBSITE to be found to tourists, because if it’s not, you’re missing out on thousands of dollars.



Miami has a large number of banks and small business finance companies. If you’re in finance and are in need of more customers, your website should look phenomenal. There’s a lot of options for financing, so you need to tell your potential customers why they should choose you. The best way to do this is through your website. Your website is your build board. You want to be proud of what others are seeing and you want potential customers to find your website online, among all the other finance companies.

Restaurant Industry

Restaurant Industry

With all the different choices, how will tourists decide where to eat?! First of all, they will go straight to Google. They will type into their phone “best restaurants Miami” or Miami restaurants near me” – something along those terms. They will browse the first page of Google and make a decision. They may also check Instagram to make sure your food looks appetizing. If your website is not populating for these keywords and you are nowhere to be found, your potential customers will go elsewhere. Your restaurant’s website needs to be easily accessible, it needs to look AMAZING, and it needs to show up in local search results (Google Listing). If you choose to do business with MyCity Social, know that you’re choosing Miami SEO services the locals know and love. We know the restaurant industry here in Miami. We eat out all the time, we know what’s hot, and we know what will drive new customers to your restaurant. If you’re a restaurant owner in Miami looking for SEO services, also consider social media marketing. We have an amazing platform for that as well.

How Our Plan Works

The Step by Step Plan

Here at MyCity Social, we stand out from our competitors because we have a step-by-step plan for our clients. As a business owner, we know that it can be you to feel 100% comfortable with us and know exactly what you’re getting. A lot of work goes into SEO, and many of the tasks are technical, however, our SEO team will explain the process to you in a way that makes sense. We work as a team. Your success is our success.

When you first sign up with MyCity Social, your Miami SEO specialist will reach out to you within 24 hours of signing up. We will have a detailed phone call where we learn all about you, your business, and your goals. We will get all necessary login information from you and give you a realistic time-frame in which our tasks will be performed. Your Miami SEO Specialist will be in constant communication with you and will share all success, big or small, with you along the way.

Step 1 : Website Design/Optimization

There is more to a business than simply having a website. While having a website is a great start, we make sure that the content on your website utilizes target keywords which we research to make sure that they are the most cost-effective for your business. We also take the time to update your metadata, optimize your URLs, add image ALT tags, and whatever else is necessary to get your website to its best. In addition to all of this, we also make sure that all of the elements of your website are functional with mobile devices.

Step 2: Keyword Research

Keywords are what make your website be noticed by customers. It is not enough to say that you are an Italian restaurant, as you must prove that you are an Italian restaurant to the search engines by using keywords that those who are interested in finding an Italian restaurant would use. We look for the most relevant keywords that your customers would actually search for and we begin using those throughout your site. To make sure that we stay on top of our game, we also implement keyword monitoring tools that can track where you rank for a particular keyword.

Step 3: Content Management

This is the next step of keyword research. After we have found the keywords that are most important to your customers, we then take the time to use those keywords throughout your content so that we can direct the search engines to your website for those particular things that your users are searching for.

Step 4: Local Directory Management

It is important for the sake of your website and your success that you show to Google where your location is. This is because Google is constantly changing their local algorithm, and local optimization makes sure that you are doing everything to demonstrate where your business is located. At MyCity Social, we can create Miami-based listings, fix outdated citations, and develop a custom geo-targeted landing page.

Step 5: Link Building

Links are the building blocks for your online presence as search engines’ crawl through the internet to your website. When a search engine crawls a site, they try to decipher how different pages are related to one another and this can be an important part of making sure that the search engine crawls your website correctly.

Step 6: Custom Reports & Strategies

Our monthly reports are built to help you keep track of the progress that you are making through our SEO efforts. They are detailed and thorough and give you an insight into how our process works.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

SEO is the best digital marketing strategy you can have for your business, however, it is a long-term strategy. If you’re looking for immediate results, you may want to consider PPC, also called Pay-Per-Click advertising. This is the strategy of doing keyword research, writing compelling ads and paying Google to put your website at the top of Google. This is a great short-term strategy but in no way, shape or form is better than organic SEO. Many of our Miami SEO clients do a mixed marketing strategy and sign up for our SEO services and also utilize PPC to get immediate results. We have SEO and PPC Specialists who are ready to help you come up with the best possible strategy!

What to expect with MyCity Social Miami SEO Services

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Excellent Customer Service

At MyCity Social, we treat our clients like family. In order to really know your business and build an effective and personable website, we know to know all about you! Once you sign up for Miami SEO Services with MyCity Social, you will get a call from your dedicated SEO specialist. He or she will welcome you aboard and see if you have time for a 45 minute conversation then, or if you would like to schedule one. With MyCity Social you can expect to hear from a bubbly, friendly SEO expert who’s passionate about SEO and helping small businesses. We pride ourselves on customer service and our retention rate shows it. We are here to serve YOU and we want to make your life easier. All MyCity Social SEO clients can expect at least two phone calls per month and on-going communication throughout the year. If you’re a hard-working business owner that is hard to catch on the phone (we know the type), we can always communicate via email, texting, or come visit your place of work in person. You won’t find better customer service anywhere!

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Knowledgeable SEO Specialists

Our team is dedicated to knowing everything there is to know about SEO. Google’s algorithm changes more than you can imagine, but it’s up to us to stay up-to-date and adapt to current SEO tactics. With weekly SEO training and continued research, we pride ourselves on being EXPERTS in our field. Most of our SEO Specialists have been doing SEO for years and working with an array of different industries. We know that a lot of research goes into an SEO campaign and we take that aspect very seriously. Before starting any campaign, we do hours of keyword research, competitor research, and get to know our clients’ industries extremely well.

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Passionate & Creative Minds

Everyone on the MyCity Social team is creative to the core. We live and breathe SEO and totally nerd out every chance we get. We know what it takes to create an exceptional website that reflects our clients’ business. It takes passion, creativity, research, knowledge, and a REALLY GOOD understanding of the business we’re working with. Conceptualizing the website from beginning to end is just part of the fun. You’re never “done” with SEO. It’s an on-going process, much like the roots to a tree. The tree is your website, SEO is the roots. It takes a creative person to come up with new, fresh ideas on how to get your website to tank on Google while also having an aesthetic appearance that suits the needs of all your potential clients.

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Data Driven Results

Being knowledgeable about SEO and having a creative mind doesn’t really matter if we aren’t bringing results, right? Every month your dedicated SEO Specialist will analyze your website and use software to determine where you’re ranking on Google. We analyze many metrics such as traffic, bounce rate, conversions, local visibility, keyword ranking, and much more. Everything we do, from small tasks to large, is part of the big picture – getting your website to rank. Analyzing data and showing you results is a huge part of the big picture.

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A Team Who Cares About Our City

We are savvy SEO specialists who care about our city and the people in it. We want Miami to continue blossoming into one of the BEST cities in the US, and we want to be a part of it. Helping local businesses gain exposure through SEO significantly boots their image and results in ROI. We want our clients’ websites to be FOUND so tourists and locals alike can enjoy the services or products they offer. We are proud to be Miami locals and enjoy all that Miami has to offer on a regular basis. One of the best things about working with local businesses is being able to support our clients in more ways than one. We provide a valuable service to the community AND we get to EXPERIENCE the services and products our clients offer.

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Blog Writing & Content Pages

Our in-house professionals make custom blogs for your website that are entirely unique and original and tailored to your audience.

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Website Design & Maintenance

We work with our in-house developers that give you high quality, responsive websites that can be managed from a back-end content management system.

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Miami SEO Strategy

We have a dedicated team who’s ready to optimize your website so you show up higher on search engines and gain more organic traffic.

What Is SEO

Learn More About SEO from a Miami SEO Company

Each search engine has its own algorithm for determining what websites are the best results for each possible search. The ones that are most fitting for that search are going to be near the top of the first page, where you will be more likely to see them. The process of SEO is to make sure that you are able to reach that point on the top of the first page.

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Get Started?

How Can You Get Started with Miami SEO?

If you are ready to begin the process of optimizing your business online, we are here for you. MyCity Social can give you the tools to take your Miami-based business to the next level. Give us a call at 866-955-3287 to learn more about our Miami SEO services. You can also email us at Admin@MyCity Social.Com or visit us at 7172 SW 47th St., Miami, FL 33155. The easiest way, however, would be to click the button below and get started right away. Get in contact with us and start to see the results you have always wanted for your business. We look forward to working with you!

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Invest in SEO?

Why is It Important to Invest in SEO?

SEO can do more for your business than simply make your website better. When you have a really talented SEO specialist at your side, you can begin to turn those views into real conversions and start bringing in sales that you may not have expected. Through our efforts, we can help you to build an audience for your product or service that will populate throughout the web and build up your name in your industry. In this way, we make it so that you are at the top of the game in comparison with your competition.

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