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Orlando search engine marketing is a competitive field. MyCity Social is an Orlando-based SEO company with experience in the field so we know what it takes to get your business to succeed through SEO methods. Our specialty is small businesses that are located in Orlando. Because we have focused our energies to select markets, we can build thorough relationships with these local businesses. Our process is based on a system of steps in order to achieve the optimal results. If you are interested in learning more about the SEO services Orlando businesses trust, contact us at MyCity Social today.


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Step 1 : Website Design/Optimization

The first step to our process is to optimize your website content in order to target keywords that would be the most cost-effective for your particular business. We also take the time to update your metadata, optimize your URLs, add image ALT tags, and whatever else is necessary to get your website to its best. In addition to all of this, we also make sure that all of the elements of your website are functional with mobile devices.

Step 2: Keyword Research

Keyword research is fundamental to any keyword campaign. That’s why our second step is to find all of the keywords that your potential customers are actually searching for. Once we have those sorted, we then utilize a keyword monitoring tool that allows us to track how you are ranking for those particular keyword phrases.

Step 3: Content Management

The way that search engines work is by directing users to the content that is most relevant to the words they use in the search bar. You and your business can tap into that by optimizing the keywords on your website’s pages to the keywords that are being targeted.

Step 4: Local Directory Management

Given how often Google updates their algorithm, local optimization is now more important than it has been in the past. Regardless of whether it is creating new Orlando-based listings, fixing outdated citations, or developing a custom geo-targeted landing page, your SEO specialist is more than prepared to handle it all.

Step 5: Link Building

Think of search engines as cars traversing through the internet and links are simply the streets that they use to travel. What the engines do is use sophisticated link analysis techniques in order to discover how each page is related to one another and in what ways.

Step 6: Custom Reports & Strategies

Once we have all of the appropriate information gathered, we can then proceed to use that information to create a schedule and plan of attack for the rest of the campaign. In addition to this, we even provide reports that specify what your monthly ranking is so that you stay up-to-date on our progress.

Additional Orlando Search Engine Marketing Services


Blog Creation & Writing

We take the information that makes your business unique to create custom blog posts written by our in-house writers. These blogs are not only well-written and original, they are also optimized for SEO, allowing them to be discovered by an even larger audience.


Website Design & Maintenance

We know how important your website is to your business. That’s why we work with our in-house developers to give you high quality, responsive websites that can be managed from a back-end content management system.


Internet Marketing

By having all of your services provided by us, you can get serious cost savings and still get high-quality services.

SEO Services

A Little More on the SEO Services Orlando Trusts

Search Engine Optimization is crucial for any of today’s businesses. While many traditional forms of advertising are still somewhat relevant, they are often not enough. Having your website optimized for search engines can not only bring more attention to your business but also more customers through your door. However, figuring it all out and keeping up with the constant changes can be difficult. Trust, instead, an Orlando search engine marketing company to help you.



What Does SEO Consist Of?

SEO is the process by which businesses, become the top results for particular searches that consumers put into their search bar. This is done “organically” which means it gets there purely through following the rules of the algorithms set by the search engines, instead of paying to be at the top. The better your optimization and the more tailored to your business, the higher your chance is to get to the top of the first page of search results, a crucial goal as most people rarely go beyond this first page.


Why Invest in SEO

SEO is not just used to get your website attention. It will also help more customers become interested in your business. Ultimately, this will give you more conversions, a.k.a. more revenue in the long run. The more relevant your content is to your audience, the more of an authority you will appear in their eyes making you the business to go to

However, not all companies can afford an in-house SEO position to help them at all hours of the day. This doesn’t mean you should have to suffer. That’s why we make sure that you have the most cost-effective plan possible, and utilize your funds strategically. This is why you should hire an SEO agency to help you and give you the assistance you have been searching for.


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