When improving search results, we work in three areas at the same time.

Our technology team builds the websites, social media platforms and other elements that you need to achieve best search results. We measure and optimize against over 1000 search engine signals, both in the initial development phase, and then every week thereafter. This is not a one-time process, but goes on every week. Think of it as analogous to mowing a lawn; it looks perfect when it’s finished, but a week later it simply needs to be done again.

If technology is the engine that drives our tactical execution, then content is the fuel that propels it. Our research indicates that most successful efforts require posting fresh content an average of 5-7 times a week, with stories, short pieces, links, and images. That’s why we employ teams of content curators and writers… to get the content you need to your network with maximum speed and efficiency.

Finally, a smart search engine results plan always contains the work of media pitching at it’s core. We want to make your subject matter expert in your field of work or philanthropy, and tell the gatekeepers to newspapers and broadcast about you, so that the next times they need comment, they will turn to you. That is the work of Search Engine Results Management.


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