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MyCity Social offers a barbershop marketing strategy centered around your audience and goals to ensure maximum ROI. We have worked with small to medium-sized barbershops, and each time, our input earns success stories.
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A Proper Barber Shop Marketing Strategy Fosters Goal Achievement

Barbershop advertising is ideal whether you are opening a new shop or want to have clients streaming in all day.
You can reach many customers at a click and persuade them to purchase your barber services with the help of digital marketing. The SEO services include copywriting services, Google AdWords management, social media advertising, etc.
That is where your story comes to play. You can tell your brand’s story to attract prospects and build trust through barbershop marketing.

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Tailored Barber Shop Marketing Takes You To Greater Heights

There are several barber shops near you. But you are a unique entity. Apart from your brand, your services make that undebatable.
Your strategies have to be tailored for your audience and goals to speed up achievement. Whether you merge a good marketing team or opt for the best marketing agency for barbershops, tested and proven methodologies could go a long way.
This ensures the best results in your circumstances. With a top-up of digital tools and marketing know-how, you can steal your way to the top.

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Finally Finding the Right Marketing Partner
  • 35% Increase in Total Leads

  • 30% Increase in Advertising Leads

  • 2,470% Increase in Organic Web Traffic

How to Get Started with Barber Shop Marketing

Is Barber Shop Advertising Expensive?

Digital marketing services comprise the most cost-effective solutions, like SEO, Email Marketing, and Google My Business Management. These don’t require anything more than a good marketing team, time, computers, and a reliable internet connection.
If you do it right by focusing on hyper-targeted techniques, you will get back every cent you spend and profit through more leads, conversions, and revenue. Consider giving SEO a shot. This optimizes your website and increases your online visibility for website visits with minimum costs. You can even specify it to your state or county for a higher local ranking.

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Should Barbers Consider Copywriting Services?

Yes, they should! To promote your barbershop, you may opt for the services of a good copywriter. They can persuade your audience into certain actions.
It could be considering your offers, buying your services, or influencing calls to your barbershop. Have you ever seen some billboard texts and wondered how people could get so creative with words?
Well, that’s a job done by copywriters. From doing video, product, and service descriptions, copywriting can do your bidding and tell in a way that hits it right.
What makes content writing different from copywriting? Content writing seeks to build relationships with customers over time by producing engaging and informative content. The former is all about influencing customers to join your community and buy from you.

Do Barber Shops Need Google My Business Management?

While barbershops are known for what you see is what you get, Google My Business listings can promote your business on Google search and maps.
This makes it easier for those near your location to see you in SERPs, guiding more quality traffic to your site.
A complete GMB profile creates a good first impression and fosters trust among prospects. It also incorporates accurate information about your barbershop. These include your contact(s) and precise location to help prospects find and reach you.

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Is Brand Reputation Management Really Necessary For Barber Shops?

Very necessary! Every business has ups and downs, and sometimes you may not prevent a mistake from happening. Brand reputation managers have seen it all and know what to do when a customer is disappointed.
They also manage your social media platforms to ensure you do the right things that are conversant with your brand objectives. This is while hiding your personal details from the public domain.
As a barbershop owner, your reputation provides more opportunities. Therefore, be sure to go above and beyond to guard it. Do what it takes, whether having an in-house team or getting external help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if you could appear on related businesses’ websites and in front of those ready to purchase your services? Google AdWords does precisely that.
Google has made it possible to specify it to your audience’s location, interests, age, and gender. The results are hyper-targeted ad groups that are more fruitful. Even when a buyer is not ready to show up at your shop, AdWords incorporate remarketing to persuade them again.

Pay-per-click campaigns land you in front of those looking for your services and even on related websites. PPC management is the process of overseeing your online campaigns and budget. With a good PPC team, you can minimize expenditure and maximize returns.

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