How to write good Instagram captions (to gain followers)

Millions of individuals around the globe are using Instagram regularly and there is more than one good reason for that. Besides taking photos and sharing them with friends and followers, many business owners and marketers have realized that they can use this social media platform to share their business message. Of course, there are a

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Facebook Advertising 101: News Feed Ads versus Right Column Ads

In the past, social media networks were mostly used by teens or individuals who wanted to start a relationship or simply meet new people. Today, the situation is much different and social media networks like Facebook have become powerful advertising tools because these networks are used by people of all ages and people looking for

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Instagram changes: what marketers need to know?

When Instagram was released about 5 years ago, people were amazed by the unique concept and the platform became an instant hit. It didn’t take much time before marketers started to make experiments with certain marketing activities there. When people today talk about the use of social media networks for marketing purposes, they are usually

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