Can You Benefit from Utilizing Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the next big thing in the digital marketing realm. MyCity Social is an influencer marketing agency in Orlando that understands the value of influencers in a small business’s marketing strategy. As the top Orlando marketing agency, we know that part of having a successful marketing campaign online is to utilize all the

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Reputation Management is Important: Here’s Why

Any reputation management company can tell you the value of reputation management. MyCity Social in Fort Lauderdale is one of these companies. We prepare to give you the reputation management that you deserve in order to get where you need to be. There are many components that go into the way that you are present

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Back & Forth with Meta Descriptions | The Latest News from Google

  Meta tag description length decrease after months of an increase in length to nearly 300 characters. MyCity Social in Miami note the news and knows that staying current with the news in digital marketing and SEO is what makes any agency great. MyCity Social is happy to share that information—like the current trend regarding

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Why Are So Many Companies Updating Their Privacy Policies Now?

The question about why so many privacy policy updates are taking place is a question that plague many consumers of late. MyCity Social in Miami seeks to explain why these changes are happening, what that can mean for consumers. And what that means for business owners. The privacy policy is not just something that affects

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Marketing for Gen Zs: How They Differ from Millennials

MyCity Social in Tampa knows that many small business owners are unaware that Generation Z is not the same as Millennials. As a result, they may miss out on Generation Z marketing that could transform their business and increase their conversions. However, the two are entirely different generations and, as a result, respond very differently

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Does Facebook Impact My Ranking Online?

Facebook is a critical part of your business’s online presence. MyCity Social, one of the top social media marketing companies in Fort Lauderdale. Facebook can make an impact in the way that you rank online. Many businesses can focus all of their efforts either on their social media or on their ranking. But falling to

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Google’s New Algorithm Research: Will It Affect SEO?

Google has recently published a research paper discussing the new algorithm research. As an agency with SEO services Tampa trusts, MyCity Social was interested to read about the results of this research paper. The paper shed some insight as to how the algorithm works to rank the results in a search. And, has completely reformulated

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