Content Is King: Incorporating SEO Tactics Into Your Content Strategy

Running a business and having a good marketing strategy has always been two elements that must go hand in hand to reach success. In today’s technology-rich society, that important marketing element has evolved dramatically. It is no longer only about word of mouth or paying for advertising on the traditional media of TV, newspaper, billboards,

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5 Reasons Marketers Should Include AI Into Their Marketing Mix

In today’s world, technological advances seem to be happening by the minute, and they affect every aspect of our lives. As a society, we must take these advances and make the best of them. Since the Internet never sleeps and the incoming data is endless, this is where artificial intelligence (AI) can be handy. Digital

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How Instagram’s Algorithms Are Changing and What It Means For Marketing

Instagram is a major part of our lives, with millions of users and promotional opportunities. Instagram marketing has become an essential part of digital marketing, and it’s essential for companies to keep up so that they can maximize their digital marketing. The new instagram algorithm that came last spring has changed the way that digital

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Top 5 SEO Conferences

Whether you’re an SEO company or trying to build your brand as a company, it’s essential to get ahead on the latest developments in SEO. What have you done, and what are you planning to do to improve your SEO performance? Sitting around the office and shooting ideas around with your team can be helpful,

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5 Business Blogging Benefits

Blogging is all over the internet. Did you know that blogging also takes an important part when it comes to helping your business grow?  Having a quality business blog will really give your site the traffic it needs to be successful. MyCity Social and our professional blog writers are the best assets for your business

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Top Google Tools For Your Small Business

You are a growing business. You need to be aware of all the tools and resources that will help you grow and become more successful. Here at MyCity Social we are here to make that happen. We are a local SEO agency who strives to make your business grow through SEO and digital marketing. We

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Optimize With SEO For Greater Lead Generation

Are you familiar with the phrase lead generation? Are you aware that it ties into search engine optimization (SEO)? If you are not already utilizing SEO as part of your marketing strategy, you are losing on an excellent opportunity to get more unique leads by bringing more traffic to your website. Here at MyCity Social,

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Boost Conversions By Selling On Social Media

Interested in earning more conversions through social media? Building a relationship with customers and providing social proof of your product’s value are actions that social media facilitates. Guide potential visitors toward purchasing your product through the sales funnel. At MyCity Social we are here to win more conversations on social media. Our Fort Lauderdale office

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