The 10 Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

To attract more customers, many small business owners focus primarily on offering excellent products and services. While this is essential, there’s an exciting and efficient aspect of business ownership that’s as crucial as delivering outstanding services. What’s that? It’s digital marketing! Surprisingly, digital marketing has transitioned from simply marketing goods and services to be an

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No SEO Benefits To Audio Versions Of Text Posts

For years, some webmasters believed that an audio version of a text post enhances search engine optimization. However, a meeting held earlier this year proved that this notion is yet another search engine optimization myth. What did they discuss? If an audio version of a post offers SEO benefits, does that mean it has no

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A Comprehensible Guide To Implementing SEO Services

Do you want to get SEO services for your business? Your first step is to understand all the nitty-gritty involved. Located in Fort Lauderdale, our SEO experts at MyCity Social have compiled this guide to explain where you should start and implement the services.  Getting SEO Services For Your Business If you want to implement

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Website Designs That Are Sure To Grab Attention

Do you want to grab the attention of your website’s users or establish an excellent user experience? When designing or redesigning, it’s important to remember that high-quality website design is essential. How do you ensure that your website typography, layout, color, and other design elements constantly keep you in the heart of your users? Read

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Blog Keyword Strategy: Seven Simple Ways To Do It The Right Way

A blog is one of the powerful ways to reach your customers and improve brand awareness. However, your blog wouldn’t yield any substantial result if the content published isn’t relevant to the searches your target audience are making on search engines. What’s the solution? At MyCity Social in Tampa, we have crafted seven tips for

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7 Ways To Easily Set Up An SEO Content Strategy

Do you want to drive quality organic traffic to your website? Below is a winning SEO content strategy you should incorporate! As the best Tampa SEO company, this guide has been written to help you create meaningful and compelling content. Want to contact us for more comprehensive insight on how we help businesses within Tampa?

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