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To buy SSL certificate is a critical move for your business’s success. This certificate guarantees that your website will be secure for visitors and MyCity Social, the SEO company Miami businesses rave about, recommends that its clients purchase it as soon as possible to avoid being penalized. To learn more, contact us at MyCity Social in Miami.


What is an SSL Certificate?


An SSL certificate can also be referred to as a secure sockets layer certificate. Its purpose is to help verify the security of your website. When customers see that your website has an SSL certificate, they know that their information will be secure and they feel more confident entering your site. In the past, websites simply existed without an SSL certificate as HTTP and Google had no penalization system for it in place.

However, Google is now moving to encourage safe websites for a better customer experience. In this effort, is planning on marking all non-HTTPS websites with a “not secure” warning in the search bar. In order to effectively implement the change. Google has said that they will make a small ranking boost for those websites that switch to HTTPS.


Why Buy SSL Certificate


An SSL certificate is not something optional if you want your business to succeed. For many site visitors, simply seeing the message that the site is not secure is going to be enough to make them turn back. Even if they do continue on the site. They will probably feel less comfortable purchasing anything from your site if there is no guarantee their information is safe.

Making sure that you buy SSL certificate may not make your business distinguishable or give you a noticeable boost. But it will ensure that your business is not penalized as a result of not having purchased the SSL certificate. This way, you will not only have more visitors to your site. But more overall conversions as visitors will feel comfortable knowing their information is safe if they decide to purchase your product or service.

MyCity Social, the SEO company Miami businesses trust, wants to ensure that we help our clients in any way we can. Because quite a few significant changes are coming to Google. We want to inform our clients, and the public, of how they could be impacted by the shifts to the algorithm. Making an effort to encourage the purchase of SSL certificates for those clients who do not have them.

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The migration from HTTP to HTTPS can be a difficult one, however, for larger websites. That is why we at MyCity Social, the SEO company Miami businesses recommend. The additional services ready to help clients not only get their SSL certificates but make the necessary changes to their websites. Contact us to learn more about how we could help you and your business make the change over with your SSL certificate.


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