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When it comes to SEO and the world online, one thing is for certain, consistency is key! In a world where content is king, it is now more important than ever that the content written and information given not only be accurate, but accurate everywhere it can be found and crawled online. Otherwise, user frustration and robot confusion will occur. This results in lower ranking/performing websites, which is NOT what you want as a business owner. This is where NAP SEO comes in…our Orlando SEO Expect from MyCity Social is happy to elaborate below.


What Is NAP?

NAP stands for “Name, Address and Phone Number”. Not only is this seemingly basic information commonly overlooked, it is poorly done so often that Google uses this as a ranking factor in order to motivate business owners and digital marketing experts to make this cohesive online.


The term NAP is interchangeable with “citations” which you may have heard before. NAP SEO can be seen via popular citation websites such as Yelp, Google My Business, Angie’s List and many other reputable sources online for information.


How Does NAP Affect Your Ranking Online?


NAP SEO, when properly done by a true Orlando SEO Expert will often exhibit the following qualities that Google REALLY likes: quantity, quality, and consistency.  It is not simply writing a citation on any joe shmo website. The website you decide to list your business on must showcase domain authority and be pertinent to your industry and what you do, otherwise it just looks like spam in the eye of the crawlers.


In fact 3 of the top 6 Google ranking factors have to do with citations!


Be Wary of Landing Pages


While using landing pages with tracking numbers and emails is a common practice, it really isn’t the best way to rank. Why? Simply put, data is crawled and spreads like wildfire. The number associated with your business in state records and etc.. is the main authority (along with your Google My Business account of course). If crawlers begin to find separate telephone numbers or emails and etc….this begins to cause major confusion.

Is Your SEO Specialist Handling Your Local Citations?


Ayt MyCity Social we offer NAP SEO services by our Orlando SEO Expert to ensure that not only is your business is consistent, but it is found on the appropriate citation websites. A professional is the best person to contact to ensure that your business looks its best online not only to potential customers but also to the robots.


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