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Creating valuable content for SEO is important for your online presence, but the way that you distribute this content is equally important. MyCity Social, an SEO company Miami businesses trust, has tips for you to effectively distribute your content and get more eyes on what you are publishing. Knowing how to distribute your content well can make the difference between a well viewed post and a post that gets lost in sea of other blog posts. Contact MyCity Social to learn more about content distribution and how it can help you rank better.


1) Make an eBook


An eBook is a great way to get your content compiled in one location as a helpful resource for potential visitors. With the quality and number of eBook software available today, you are sure to find something with which you could make an eBook for your blog posts. Make sure to have a landing page for your eBook and to optimize it for all the keywords that your book pertains to.


2) Utilize Video Content for SEO


Taking your blog posts and turning them into videos can give your business a competitive edge and gives you positive feedback from Google. There are a number of tools that exist to convert your written content into visual content. Because Google includes videos as part of their search results, you are certain to be competing with fewer spots for the video content and you can get more eyes on your content.


3) Create Infographics


Infographics are a great way to promote your content in a visually-appealing away. You can create long-form blog posts with infographics. This can make your posts more shareable and more appealing. Additionally, because you are creating an image, you also have the opportunity to rank for your image if you optimize it properly.


4) Use Content-Sharing Sites


Content-sharing sites like Reddit can help you promote your content and it also shows search engines that you are active online. Make sure to choose locations for your content where it is relevant so that you reach the largest, most interested audience.


5) Don’t Forget Email


Email is always important despite what many people may say. Make sure that you are gathering emails to create a distribution list for your business. Use this distribution list to share your content when it is published. If the list is small, you can reach out to other businesses or services in your industry or in related industries to see if they would be willing to mention your content in their newsletters. This can make a serious difference in the traffic that you get on your posts.


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