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Google Adwords is the PPC advertising service offered by Google’s search engine. You see Google Adwords PPC ads just about every time you put a search query into Google’s search engine.

PPC ads in Google appear right at the top of the results. They also appear at the bottom of the results on the SERPs. The way it works is you make a bid to pay a certain amount to come up for a given keyword. Your position on the SERPs depends on how high your bid is in comparison to how high others a bidding for the same keyword. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you have to pay.

For many websites, Google Adwords is an invaluable tool. This PPC advertising option allows you to get your website to the top of Google’s SERPs without having to wait for SEO efforts to show results. However, it’s important to carefully consider pros and cons of Google Adwords before you start investing in this potentially expensive online marketing option. We are an SEO company in Miami that can help you determine what Google Adwords can do for your company.

Pros of Google Adwords

Immediate results- Google Adwords is perfect for those who are impatient to get started. Put up an ad on Adwords and you’ll immediately see traffic start coming to your site.

Tools that help you create ads- Google Adwords offers a fairly straightforward interface. Adwords also offers tools that allow you to see how often a particular keyword is searched for on the Google search engine.

The ability to set your budget- You can limit how much you spend on your ad campaign in a day so that you don’t allow your advertising expenses to get out of hand.

Taking advantage of Google’s enormous popularity- Google remains the most popular and widely used search engine out there. While search engines like Bing and Yahoo offer their own PPC advertising, you’ll get much more attention on Google.

Running some tests to improve your SEO efforts- Google Adwords doesn’t just get you traffic. It also helps you acquire valuable information. You can see how likely you are to attract customers with particular keywords before you start investing in SEO efforts regarding those keywords.

Cons of Google Adwords
Can get costly- The big reason why SEO is so important is because once your site starts ranking, it’s completely free. With Google Adwords, you’re indefinitely paying for every click. Of course, expenses add up over time.

Some restrictions on ad length- Adwords ads are fairly short, so you’ll have to get your point across very succinctly in your ad title and body text.

Sometimes strict editorial guidelines- You cannot write whatever you want in a Google Adwords ad. There are certain restrictions on things like mentioning brand names that you will have to adhere to.

Sometimes strict quality demands- Google will look at your web page and could refuse to post your Adwords ad if your website doesn’t meet certain quality demands.

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