Old pillars of the marketing mix are not enough when it comes to meeting the digital needs of today. Therefore, the keys in every marketer’s toolbox – product, price, promotion, and people – have a new addition: proximity. Our Miami search engine optimization services take this very important factor in mind.


Literally, this important aspect of optimizing your company’s presence in search engine results puts you in the center of the map. That is because proximity, which is the distance between the user and any given location, is heavily weighted as a ranking factor for searches that include the criteria “near me.”


With Miami search engine optimization services from companies like MyCity Social, you can learn how keep the focal point on your business. Otherwise, proximity will loosen the grip you can have on rankings.


Organizing digital maps this way makes sense since it is easier for customers to get to what they want when it is close by. The further potential customers are from your business location makes it less likely that they will visit.


Keeping proximity as a major aspect of your marketing strategy is essential to reaching the right groups.


Tip the Proximity Scale in Your Favor


It is not possible to control where potential customers are when they search for products and services. However, you can make sure your proximity ranking is above your competitor’s similarly distanced location.


Generally, you have two options to try to accomplish this. First, you can buy higher rankings with PPC. Second, you can optimize for organic searches and hope users search radius is wide enough to include your business.


With each passing year, it becomes harder to win with organic searches. Still, there are things you can do to improve rankings on the digital map. You will find through Miami search engine optimization services that basics still matter.


Make sure location information is accurate and distributed properly. Company name, address and telephone number should lead customers to you.


Increase the Weight of Your Company’s Credibility


Tipping the scales in you favor when users search for your services begins with increasing the weight of credibility and authority your company has in the community you want to serve. For local brick-and-mortar businesses, this requires including the right keywords.


With the inclusion of your service area, your company establishes a footprint online. When users search for local keywords, they are most likely looking for a business nearby. If they are looking for a Miami car wash, they are not looking for a website about car wash companies.


Your business address proves you exist in the eyes of search engine platforms. This will increase the trust these platforms have for your company and will return your location in the search results. Just make sure the keywords you select are relevant to your business and industry.


Connecting Your Address with Appropriate Keywords


Keywords for your location address helps to ensure you receive the appropriate ranking. Including the homepage on your company website, it is crucial to have business listings in various places on the web.


Doing this helps search engines and it helps you generate more results and customers. Understanding how resources like MyCity Social can increase your ranking positions you to win the marketing war against competitors.


Thousands of companies are fighting for first look from potential customers with Miami search engine optimization services. The one that learns how to optimize proximity as an essential ranking factor will win at being found by customers and being placed at the top of search engines. Contact us today to help you make your business found online with our SEO services. 


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