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When it comes to running a profitable business, keeping up with current digital marketing trends is not only smart but essential. Maintaining a clean website is not going to cut it; to stay competitive, you need to invest in cutting-edge marketing tools and an agency that can help you master them. Meet MyCity Social. More than a Miami SEO company, we are a comprehensive digital marketing agency that can help you make the most of your advertising and targeting campaigns. Keep reading to learn about the tools of our trade and how these can help you boost your brand!

How A Miami SEO Company Optimizes Search Engines

When an internet user searches for a product or service that your company offers, you want them to find your website instantly – even if they don’t know your brand or product. You want the search terms they use to drive them to your website. This strategy is called Search Engine Optimization and is one of the biggest players in digital marketing. Monitoring the efficacy of your website’s keywords can help you ascertain whether search engines are displaying your website as a top result. However, tracking this data over thousands of simultaneous users is too cumbersome on your own. An SEO tool called Moz can help you track your website’s ranking and monitor whether your links are being used. SEMRush is a similar tool that compares how you rank to your competitors, informing a more aggressive marketing campaign. To help improve overall SEO performance, we recommend Screaming Frog. This spider tool cross-checks the links and pages in your website, revealing any bad redirects or broken links along the way. If your SEO performance is lacking, any one of these tools can improve it, helping you restrategize, compete, or correct weak spots.

  • Tweak Your Retargeting Tools

When a user searches your keywords or travels to your site, you can capture their tracking data for future advertisements, called “retargeting” ads. To optimize your retargeting ads, check out AdRoll. With access to 500+ ad exchanges, AdRoll is a one-stop-shop for retargeting consumers all over the internet, including social media. For e-commerce brands, we recommend ReTargeter, which connects you to hundreds of online retailers’ consumer data.  

  • Programmed Advertising

Similar to retargeted ads, programmed advertising helps you purchase and display ads based on consumer data. A tool like ChoiceStream can help you sift through the glut of consumer data to find what’s useful to your advertising campaign and what to implement. RocketFuel goes a step further, however, and models when and where your ad will be most welcome based on user data. When sifting through a lot of data, use a tool like to categorize unstructured audience data. As a result of these programming tools, your ads will be more effective and more relevant.

  • An Optimized Website

Maybe your advertisements are doing well, but your website isn’t retaining the traffic it attracts. Run performance analytics on your website with Visual Website Optimizer. A tool called HotJar can display the “hotspots” of your website and provide feedback on where visitors are clicking and where they aren’t. When you know your weak spots, use Unbounce to tweak and publish new pages on your website. You can test out your additions and improvements with tools like Optimizely and Oracle Maxymizer. With robust testing software, you can gain vital feedback and build a more confident website.

  • Running Analytics

To keep tabs on your website activity, we recommend running analytics from tools like Kissmetrics, Adobe Analytics, and Google Analytics. Each of these platforms allows you to peek into what your visitors do when they visit your site, such as signing up for a newsletter or clicking on content pages. For e-commerce websites, check out Woopra. This helpful tool can pinpoint at which step in the checkout process your site shoppers tend to drop off. By implementing the data from these analytics tools, you can fine-tune your website and better serve the traffic it receives.

  • Streamlining Your Customer Service

Whenever a customer reaches out to your brand, listen. If complaints or inquiries are falling through the cracks because of mismanagement, however, you should consider a customer service tool. Zendesk is a comprehensive customer service suite that keeps your team organized across multiple communication tools. Monitor the performance of your customer service agents through UserVoice Helpdesk, which discreetly collects and analyzes customer feedback. Finally, consider embedding a LiveChat box right onto your web page. By providing quick access to customer service, you show your visitors that their needs are important to your company. 

Creating Content For Your Website

Once a visitor lands on your page, reward them with stimulating and relevant content. From videos to blogs to infographics, content creation is a key ingredient in digital marketing. Always include an image to your posts, and use Landscape by Sprout Social to optimize that image across multiple media platforms. To create a new graphic or edit an existing one, try Canva, a web design tool, or, a platform that connects you with an expert content creator. For powerful video content, we recommend using a video hosting site like Wistia or Vimeo. Instead of relying on YouTube to drive your traffic, these platforms help you draw in viewers with an ad-free video on your website.

  • Curating Content From Other Sources

Sometimes, when generating content, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. It’s acceptable to repost an article or share a video you found somewhere else, so long as the original poster is credited. We call this type of sharing “content curation,” and there are a few tools at your disposal to accomplish this. Feedly is a customizable newsfeed that aggregates by topic all the recent posts from your favorite websites or pages. You can save time surfing other sites by using, a curation tool that locates new content for you to share on social media. Finally, use a smart platform called Kapost to target multiple buyer personas along the content marketing cycle. 

  • Make Friends With Other Brands

Besides sharing content, you can also share sales with other brands as affiliates. Consider it a partnership, wherein the other brand gets rewarded a percentage of the sales they generate for you. If you go this route, try the CJ Affiliate platform to get your product noticed by a large network of bloggers who may welcome the commission. VigLink is also helpful for finding affiliates within a keyword contextual database. To locate long-term brand affiliations, we recommend using the Rakuten Affiliate Network. As a digital marketing agency, we can advise you on what types of affiliations you should accept and which you shouldn’t. 

The Gamut Of Social Media Tools

Perhaps one of the most effective arenas in digital marketing is social media. Yet, with the wide range of user platforms and ad possibilities, managing your social media marketing can feel daunting. Let a platform like Sprout take the wheel on your social media management and engage with customers on behalf of your brand. You can also try Wyng, a platform that specializes in social media engagement by creating fun campaigns, quizzes, contests, and more. Woobox has a similar approach, focusing on interactive content that will create a buzz around your page, such as running a giveaway or coining a catchy hashtag.  

To further your social media advertising, we recommend paid platforms. Social media users share a lot about themselves in their posts and photos. As a result, platforms like Facebook and Twitter have amassed an exorbitant wealth of data on their users – your potential customers. Capitalizing on this data takes a bit of legwork, so it’s worth investing in the following tools. For optimized Facebook marketing and retargeting, try tools like Nanigans or The Power Editor from Facebook. If you target Twitter users, the Twitter Native Platform is a must. This paid social platform matches your specific ad keywords with a user’s tweets. Whether you’re in search of a new way to engage social media users or a more effective way to advertise, a social media marketing tool is always a worthwhile investment. 

  • Marketing By Email

Although social media is currently the main source for sharing content, email remains an effective marketing platform. There are a few email marketing tools you shouldn’t do without. First, MailChimp is ubiquitous among digital marketing campaigns not only for its usability but also its affordability. A similar tool called HubSpot Email Marketing offers email templates and ways to manage copious contacts and frequent mailings. For advanced email marketing, we recommend Marketo, an all-in-one digital marketing tool with superior email automation. You can engage your email recipients with GetResponse, a marketing platform that automatizes responses to trending email behavior. So if you are looking to save time writing newsletters or responding to customer replies, any one of these tools can shoulder that burden.

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We know online marketing can be daunting. As a longtime digital marketing agency, we have done our fair share of testing various techniques and tools to improve our client’s campaigns. If you need help implementing any one of these tools, contact your local Miami SEO company, MyCity Social. We are passionate about putting your marketing money to work!

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