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Online conversions are the optimal way to get consumers to support your business. Whether this is done by purchasing a product or inquiring about a service, using online marketing tactics to engage in potential customers in essential to growing your business. One way induce conversion online is by writing professional copy for you website that is both SEO friendly and appeals to your target audience. At MyCity Social we work meticulously to bring these conversions with our SEO services in Miami, Florida. Our tried and tested methods have proven success for bringing in customers for businesses in a variety of niches from law firms to pizza shops. Contact us today to learn more about the digital marketing services that we offer!

In the meantime, let us explain how to drive conversions online with SEO copywriting.

Know Your SEO


What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, it is the way your word the copy on your website to ensure you are ranked in Google’s or other search engine’s top results. For example, if you type in “pizza shop near me” then the ones that rank the highest are the one who incorporated as the necessary and relevant keywords into their website. Likewise, if you are searching for something more generic questions such as “Florida car seat laws” then those law firms writing blog posts with optimal SEO will rank before any other law firm. SEO uses key words and phrases in website copy so that a company’s blog or website shows up in the searcher’s top results, thus prompting new business. If your company uses proper SEO in their copywriting, then you will be on Google’s top recommended list, introducing hundreds of thousands of potential customers to your business.

Know Your Client for Online Conversions


Even if your business aims for to bring in locally based customers, online marketing can help bring them in. However, it is vital to know your clientele before introducing SEO into your website copy. If your website is brand-new, it can be hard to determine an accurate demographic in order to target new customers. However, if have a predominate idea of the gender, age range, and location that your typical customer falls under, marketing agencies such as MyCity Social can use that information to jumpstart your online conversion. It is important to know this so that we can use our SEO services in Miami to produce content that will speak and appeal to your audience.

Know Your Service


Whether you are selling a product of a service, you should know everything about it, inside and out. You will want to know a basic guideline for how it works as well as a general pricing rate. Aside from that, you need know what makes your service unique. What can we tell your new clients online the entice them to notice and consider your services? What problem are you solving for them? You can even make a list of the most common struggles or questions your typical customer has so that you can provide a method for introducing how your service or product solves this for them

Do you need to know more about online conversions? Contact MyCity Social to ask about our SEO services in Miami, Florida.


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