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If you have hired an SEO company in Orlando before, the term keywords have probably come up in several conversations. While many blogs discuss what these are and their importance, today we are going to delve into a different angle with our Orlando SEO expert and cover the subject of keyword strength.


No matter how many keywords you have, each keyword carries one unique and inherent quality that is important to the expectations of success for that keyword. Using our very refined software, our Orlando SEO expert can see just how strong the competition is for a given keyword. For example, say you are the owner of a Mexican Restaurant and your SEO specialist is researching which keywords to begin with (assume your plan must begin with 2 keywords).


The specialist finds strong demand for 5 keywords in your area that clients are typing in and 2 of the best ones (have the most demand and are highly localized) have the same amount of demand per month. In this example, let’s say 1,000 people type in the keyword phrase “Mexican restaurant in Orlando, FL” and “Mexican Food near me”. Also in this list of 5 keywords the SEO professional compiled, there is another keyword with 500 inquiries per month, let’s say it is “Mexican food in Orlando”.


Upon first glance, you might say, let’s start off with the two keywords “Mexican restaurant in Orlando, FL” and “Mexican Food near me”. Luckily for you, your SEO specialists will stop you there are show you the data on the keyword strength, or in other words, how much your competitors are competing with you for this search term.


The phrase ““Mexican restaurant in Orlando, FL”  shows a keyword strength of 30 which is considered to be low. This is good news as not many of your competitors have been savvy enough to go after this keyword phrase online and use SEO to capture all of the queries from customers for this term.


The phrase “Mexican food near me”, shows a keyword strength of 80, which is very high and extremely competitive. While this should not be a complete deterrent, extremely high competition like this means that your mom and pop restaurant is competing with the big budget of a larger restaurant chain that has been conducting SEO for years with this keyword, so it would take a very long time and much work to catch up and hopefully surpass them. The process can easily take over a year.


The 3 keyword “Mexican food in Orlando” shows a keyword strength of 40. This would be considered medium competition, and through the services of a highly skilled Orlando SEO specialist, you could see results with keyword in no more than 6 months to a year top. While the search queries per month were lower than the others, it would take half the time for that keyword to rank than the previous one and 500 queries per month is still considered high in the SEO world, making this a great choice.


As you can see, not only do the keyword phrases matter but how strong the competition is for the search term is equally as important. It is important to contain a varied list of keywords so that your specialist is consistently working on easy, medium, and hard keyword competition terms. It is important that you employ the services of an Orlando SEO expert who does not shy away from difficult keywords, and who will not only target low competition keywords. The purpose of SEO is to optimize for the keywords that will drive the most visitors over to your website.


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