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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is focused on ranking your site as high as possible on search engines like Google or Bing. An effective SEO strategy is an integral part of successful restaurant marketing. Looking to get ahead of your biggest competitors but don’t have the necessary time or the know how? That is why many restaurant owners call MyCity Social, a highly recommended Miami SEO company! Learn more about SEO and our services today.


Where Do We Start?


How does a Miami SEO company get started you ask? Research is our first step. We learn what is important about your business and what makes your restaurant special. Then we conduct significant keyword research. We figure out what people in your area are searching for. We get real, proven data and use these key terms to improve your ranking on Google. We also manage your website and optimize it for SEO. In order to have an SEO friendly site, it has to be updated consistently. We are constantly improving website speed, blogs, on-page SEO, meta data and much more! Our goal is to have your restaurant appear on as many potential customers phones and computers as possible.


The Future of Restaurant Marketing


In today’s world, people turn to the internet to get most of their information. Whether customers are looking for “local diners”, “breakfast restaurants near me” or “american cuisine”, they can come across a multitude of results on search engines. More and more Miami business owners are amping up their restaurant marketing efforts to include SEO in order to get the number one spot on Google! Print ads are increasingly becoming less effective. Technologies and marketing trends are always evolving, which is why it is important to stay two steps ahead at all times. Our SEO company recommends that each restaurant owner focuses more on their online presence and adapting to our digital age.


Basic SEO Strategies for Restaurants


If you are a restaurant owner and do not know where to start when it comes to integrating SEO into your marketing efforts, here are a few basics. First, get access to or create your Google My Business listing. Your Google My Business listing provides consumers with all pertinent information regarding your business such as: website URL, hours, location, phone number, menu link, reviews and more. Once you have access to your listing, there are several features that come in handy for restaurants particularly. Adding delicious looking photos on a consistent basis and promoting current offers/events are basic steps to boosting your position on Google.


Next, create an easy to navigate website. Websites act as a first impression of your restaurant and you want to make a favorable impression.


Last but not least, claim your listings on all directory sites like Yelp, FourSquare, etc and ensure all of your images are high quality, your reviews are responded to and your information is correct. All aspects of SEO take time and lots of attention, which is why many restaurants owners turn to third-party companies for help.


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Whether you are looking to enhance your SEO strategy or start from scratch, our Miami SEO company can help! We have years of experience helping business owners with their restaurant marketing strategies. Take your business to the next level and get ahead of even your biggest competitors with a little help from MyCity Social. Contact us today to learn more about our full list of services and affordable pricing.



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