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Do you have difficulty getting sufficient traffic to your website? Does the little traffic you get fail to convert? Then, it’s time to fasten the power of search engine optimization to increase your sales! But is it possible to overcome these challenges despite the global competition? Well, the answer is yes! What you need is to craft and deploy the right marketing strategy. This move will help your business pull more customers and ensure they make a buying decision.

Why are we so confident about this strategy? That’s what we’ve been implementing at MyCity Social for clients willing to use a local SEO company to increase their sales. So, don’t fret. We’ve got you time-honored techniques sure to blow your mind! Would you love to consult the best SEO specialist for the perfect guide? Call us now!

10 Effective Ways To Increase Sales With Search Engine Optimization

  1. Be Keyword Smart- Keyword usage in SEO has changed over time. However, they are still vital to SEO. Without keywords, prospects will never find your products on search engines. For that reason, keywords will always be a cornerstone for your SEO strategy. But how can you be keyword smart? Let’s consider an example:

Your online stores sell fly-fishing lures. Every website selling this will also want to rank for the phrase “fly-fishing lures.”

The competition for this might be tough. But what is the best approach? Look for other phrases and keywords that prospective consumers are typing to search for this product. While the search volume might be low, you can rank easily. Ensure you use them in your content, metadata, web pages, URLs, image description, page titles, headings, and emails. Use keyword planning tools to search for keywords. Go for long-tail keywords because they have a higher conversion rate and are less competitive. No doubt, when you have the right keyword, you can connect well with potential consumers searching for what you need.

  1. Stellar Content- Keywords should be paired with powerful content. They are tools for converting prospects and are sharable resources to help your business meet new audiences. For example, when prospective consumers search for details about a product, they will find blogs, social media posts, web pages, videos, and other content created to answer questions, facilitate a purchasing decision, and provide information. So, when creating content, write the most engaging, relevant, and authoritative content on the internet.

That way, a prospect will find your brand, helping you to build a relationship and convert as well! Great content comes in several forms. Get this content in blogs, infographics, videos, podcasts, how-to guides, animations, guest blogs, ebooks and whitepapers, lists, user-generated content, and product reviews.

  1. Harness The Power Of Social Media- Many consumers continue to turn to social media platforms to engage brands. More than 75% of people turn to Facebook when they are searching for great content. This means you have an excellent opportunity to reach new audiences, attract more prospects, and establish a lasting relationship with prospective consumers. In addition, social media is a fantastic way to reveal a more human side of your brand. Therefore, it can serve as a direct marketing tool. Finally, it can be an incredible tool for sales & promotion, social media advertising, and boosting customer service.
  1. Go Mobile & Go Local– Mobile content and local content are two fundamental changes hitting the SEO practices now. Impressively, the two complement each other. For example, local SEO is becoming more crucial as prospects continue to use their mobile device in searching for a business near them. In addition, more than 70% of people can visit a local business store after carrying out a local search. Therefore, if you are willing to drive customers to your physical e-commerce store and increase local business sales growth, focus on local content. Ensure that your digital content is completely mobile-friendly. This can also include implementing google my business optimization service.
  1. On-Page SEO– On-page SEO is vital for the success of your e-commerce, especially if you desire to boost sales. Therefore, focusing on on-page techniques is vital. Here are a few reasons to get serious with On-page SEO:
  • It makes your website more user-friendly
  • It makes it easier for indexing by search engines
  • Increase search engine ranking
  • Help to optimize vital elements like visuals

To start with on-page SEO, do the following:

  • Establish unique and descriptive title tags
  • Increase page load speed to limit bounce rates
  • Write keyword-optimized alt text for images
  • Optimize keywords and headings with relevant descriptions
  • Link site content with an internal link for indexing and navigation
  • Use easy-to-read URLs
  • Write actionable Meta descriptions for enhancing visibility on search engines.
  1. Manage Reputation Carefully- People do not talk about reputation when they are discussing SEO. However, it is an excellent element you should never neglect. Reputation management is all about controlling what people see when they are searching for a business online. For instance, negative reviews from a customer on your blog or Facebook page can impact the decision of potential consumers. Therefore, you should make sure you put the best foot online when your prospect is searching for you.

You can do this by:

  • Emphasizing professional engagement
  • Reviewing website reviews
  • Address negative reviews calmly, professionally, and quickly.
  • Encourage positive testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers.
  1. Make Product Descriptions Valuable And Unique- Search engines prefer unique pages. Therefore, you should prioritize having relevant and unique content. Of course, it takes time to create unique product descriptions. As a result, you can easily be like many eCommerce websites that copy-paste descriptions given by the manufacturer of the product they are selling.

Unfortunately, these descriptions are provided on several portals, resulting in plagiarized content. If you write this type of content, the search engine will filter your content as a result of plagiarism, impacting the uniqueness of your page. Therefore, make it your objective to create a unique product description, as this provides the user a more balanced view and touches details vital to your prospects and are not covered by other websites. In addition, you can encourage consumers to post reviews if they purchase from you.

  1. Optimize Based On User Search Criteria- It is often reasonable to pause and think about how users search for your product. However, it is even more essential to think about what they are looking for, so you can cover them all in your article. For example, someone searching for the best mountain bike might want to read about price, durability, uses, reviews, and more. Understanding this can help you use the keyword well to meet the searcher’s intent. In addition, you can even find regional variations that are related to a search term.
  1. Link Building– When it comes to link building, quality matters! Inbound and outbound links aren’t just about numbers. Websites you receive links from must-have strong web traffic and have a strong reputation. If you receive links from a website penalized by Google or low-quality site, you might be penalized. To save yourself from this hustle, hire professionals that offer reliable link building service.
  1. Add FAQs- Consumers want to stay on your website, and you have a powerful tool for that –FAQs! The motive of the FAQ is to stop your prospect from searching elsewhere. As a result, they will stay on your page and do not leave. Furthermore, craft a FAQ section optimized for keywords to help you win snippets and increase website traffic. Finally, it is vital to have FAQs for products and services listed on your websites.

Stay Intelligent And Dedicated

Do you want SEO to keep working for you? Do not settle with a minimal or part-time effort. It is something you have to keep working on! This means you will need to have a robust strategy that will help integrate all the ten tips we’ve discussed. For example, it is best to have a team that’s conversant with SEO best practices. Also, establish a team that can examine your company goals and then implement long-term strategies for achieving them.

Final Verdict

SEO is fundamental to achieve success in any business! Apart from being an impressive tool to build brand awareness, it is powerful for boosting sales. But what should be your overall focus as you implement these strategies or hire professionals for the job? Keep these in mind:

  • Pay attention to local SEO
  • Research, select and implement only relevant keywords
  • Strategically use keywords
  • Craft exciting and engaging content that will wow prospects
  • Leverage on social media for growing your audience
  • Optimize for mobile
  • Have a decent online reputation

Are you still stuck on where to get started? Would you like to grow a team that understands what SEO is? Then, speak with an SEO expert today!

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