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One of the key principles of content marketing is that you have to make sure your readers are fully engaged. There are many ways to do this, but creating content full of personality is probably the most effective route. It sounds simple, but creating entertaining content can be a challenging task. In order to make your next content pieces shinier, here are some simple, straightforward tips to pack more personality into the content you create! Of course, many business owners don’t want to have to spend time creating content and trying to figure out SEO branding, and would rather leave it to specialists. MyCity Social is a top SEO marketing firm providing SEO Miami business owners trust. When you work with us, you don’t have to think about digital marketing or creating engaging content- you can just zone in on expanding your business and making money! Call MyCity Social at our Tampa office for your SEO needs today! 


Giving Your Content Personality For SEO Branding


Here are some great ways to give the content you put out there some oomph, so that it captivates your target audience and contributes to your overall brand:

  • Tell a good story- There are few things more universally loved by human beings than a good story. That’s why we’ve been telling them since prehistoric people first started to gather around a fire. If you read over the piece you’re working for and find it feeling drab and uninspiring, you may have bogged it down too much in nitty-gritty facts and details. Put in a relevant anecdote! You should find an anecdote that is both entertaining and relays the message of your content well. Remember- show, not tell! If you do this, you’re a lot more likely to keep your reader around for longer. When used the right way, anecdotes can capture the attention of your readers and set the tone for the rest of your post. While you shouldn’t overdo it and beat a dead horse, when used in moderation, anecdotes can be one of the most effective ways to relay a message to your audience. 
  • Try to elicit emotions- Author of the book “Contagious,” Jonah Berger examined shared factors among the most popular stories across social media. His article in the Journal of Marketing Research article analyzed 7,000 articles from the New York Times. Along with discovering that “good news” stories were always shared much more than “bad news stories,” Berger also discovered something quite shocking. Stories that were able to garner an emotional response- even if that response wasn’t a positive emotion such as anger, frustration, or anxiety- are more likely to be shared than content that doesn’t engage the reader’s emotions at all. Some ways to generate gripping stories are to pack your writing with words that are emotionally charged, tell stories designed to elicit particular responses, and mold the overall tone to fit the emotion that you are seeking to appeal to. Not only will you get a piece that is packed with more personality, but is also more statistically likely to be shared with others. 
  • Don’t be afraid of rhetorical questions- When it comes to blog posts, rhetorical questions are an easy way to get readers thinking for themselves, even if just for the moment, rather than simply taking in information. It’s key to note, however, that a little goes a long way when it comes to crafting rhetorical questions. Stuffing your content with too many rhetorical questions can make your readers feel like they’re under interrogation or getting the answers that they’re looking for. Since writing is a one-sided conversation, the audience has no chance to respond. Rhetorical questions thus need to serve a specific purpose: To get your audience thinking about the message your brand is trying to get across and convincing them to act on it. Questions play a huge role in verbal communication, and even though writing may be mostly one-sided, you are still able to write questions to engage readers. To avoid overdosing on rhetorical questions, a good rule of thumb is to include no more than two in 500 words (and those should also be spaced apart).When handled the correct manner, rhetorical questions can be a powerful tool. 
  • Look at your formatting- Picture your words as the paint, and your formatting as the canvas. No masterpiece has ever been painted on a napkin. Using paragraph spacing, bold type, italicized fonts, and other devices like bulleted or numbered lists can make your content far more digestible and visually appealing, leading readers to feel as if the content is a lot more interesting. As a content creator, you’re not writing serious literature or a novel. Today’s readers are fickle. Form short paragraphs to prevent your readers from growing visually bored. Emphasize key words with italics, especially when comparing two words. Bolding key words is a strong way to emphasize. In rare instances, however, reserve bold font for headings and subheadings. Lastly, feel free to utilize symbols to help your content flow well and to relay meaning effectively. A great way to include additional information are em and en dashes, as well as parentheses. Formatting options give writers a lot of freedom about how your content can look and flow, so use them in good conscience.


Tips About Engaging Content For SEO Miami Businesses Trust

  • Expand your vocabulary- Nobody is saying that your content has to be poetry like Shakespeare’s, but working on your vocabulary to the point where you’re able to select words that isn’t normally heard in people’s everyday life is a fantastic way to integrate personality into the content you create. If reading a dictionary isn’t necessarily your cup of tea, try an online thesaurus to find more exciting alternatives to common words. Just like with all the previous tips, of course, never overdo it. Flooding your content with too much high-brow language can cause you to seem stuffy and drive your reader to boredom. Great words can be sprinkled in with a steady hand, but ensure your final product is in line with the grade-level reading expectations of your audience.
  • Be interested in your topic- The age-old adage applies here; how can anybody be interested in what you’re writing if you yourself are yawning? If you don’t find the topic that you’re writing about interesting, then dig deeper until you figure out something that you connect with. Enthusiasm is contagious, and people will be drawn to it. Before you sit down at the keyboard, make sure that you have some appreciation of your topic- and you’ll see the results!
  • Put in some fascinating facts- There are two main reasons people read: to entertain themselves, and to learn. These reasons aren’t mutually exclusive, which is why it’s so hard to teach an audience that is bored. On the other side of things, it’s difficult to be entertained if audience members aren’t able to expand their intellectual horizons to a certain degree. Delve deep into your topic to uncover some fascinating facts and sprinkle them throughout the piece. The goal is to educate along with entertain, so that people can enjoy your content for the amazing information they learn, while being hooked so that you can continue to draw an audience.
  • Write like you talk- This is one of the biggest tips for beginning writers. Rather than changing the way that you communicate purely due to being behind a computer, sit down and type how you would sound when explaining a concept or telling a story to somebody  you know. Of course, if you’re writing an article about finance or legal matters, you may need to watch it on the slang- but for a lot of writers, taking a conversational approach to the content is as freeing as it is effective. Personality will automatically imbue itself into your writing when you communicate as clearly and as personally as you do in your everyday life. You don’t want your writing to seem like a garbled stream of consciousness (after all, we are not James Joyce but creating content that is eminently Googlable), but try and use your unique voice.
  • Connect with your audience- When you use the same language as your customers, it’s easy to build rapport. And at the end of  the day, you’re creating content to draw your target audience in. You don’t need to use any language tricks or fancy vocabulary if you’re able to engage your audience through the same voice that they use. There’s an inherent trust that comes with using the same voice as your target audience, and establishing trust is one of the key aspects of brand building. Not only will you be able to hook your audience and keep them engaged, you’ll be able to build your content for instant relevance and engagement.


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Ultimately, being able to create content that projects your personality is a key component of SEO branding. If you are a business owner who doesn’t want to have to worry about creating engaging content, MyCity Social is a top SEO firm here to take care of all your digital marketing needs. Call MyCity Social for SEO Miami business owners trust today!


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