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I understand. Your first inclination is to wonder how there can be any pros to pop ups. After all, extended time on the internet would teach anyone to see them as no more than a nuisance. However, despite that many people think of them as an invasive distraction, many companies still use pop ups. Why? Surely, highly-paid and well-trained marketers and businesses know how people feel about pop ups. So, why do so many websites still utilize them?


We at MyCity Social have the answer to your inquiry. As the best SEO consultant servicing the Orlando and Miami areas, we seek out solutions to our clients’ deepest mysteries. In this blog, we will explain the pros that make pop ups appealing to marketers and the websites they run. So, read on to acquire the pros and cons of pop ups.


SEO Consultant Discusses the Pros of Pop Ups

No point in waiting, so let’s get into it. You want to know how in the world pop ups can be useful. After all, companies providing Orlando SEO services should be aware of such things. Well, here are your answers:

  • They catch the attention of visitors
    • The goal of every blog is to get a visitor to do something. A pop up is a good way to make someone stop and examine a call-to-action.
  • They remind of important information
    • Some visitors might see the site, close their screen to walk away, and return to view the site later. A pop up could remind the visitor of any deadlines or a summary.
  • They may keep a visitor on the page longer
    • Sometimes, the visitor will want to leave. However, if your trusty pop up appears, this may cause a moment’s delay. Useful, as some SEO metrics measure how long someone stays on a site.
  • They can encourage interaction
    • Was your blog about advertising a product? A pop up could remind your visitor to “buy now.”
  • They can interrupt “Inattentional blindness”
    • Some visitors will read through your content and become very sleepy. In this state, even something unexpected will go unnoticed. An expected popup would wake your reader and allow full cognition of everything on your page.
  • They can encourage conversations
    • So, your visitor has read a lot of your page. You probably want to engage your potential client to see if there are any more questions. The more information people get, the more confident they are. The more confident they are in you, the more likely they will do business with you.
  • They can be effective in getting information for sales conversations
    • Small quiz questions could give you an understanding of why people visit your site, what to tell them, and how close they are to buying something.
  • They can be gateways that require information before a visitor can see your content
    • Now, some people may immediately leave, if you are asking for an email address (although, some won’t, so get it). However, you could gather any information you want, from how old your visitor is to what the favorite food is to what your visitor is studying in college. Just think: what information do you need to improve your marketing efforts?


As you can see, there are many benefits to having pop ups on your site. In short, pop ups help your marketing efforts. As the average pop up can get a 3.09% conversion rate, it’s not whether or not you should have pop ups. It’s about how to use them effectively. This is why companies still utilize them, despite what many users feel about pop ups.


Cons of Pop Ups

Of course, one should always be wary of the potential disadvantages of pop ups. Before you go off slapping every pop up in the world on every page you have, let us remember how inappropriately used pop ups can hurt your marketing efforts.

  • They are annoying
    • You already knew this. Many visitors hate pop ups and will leave your site immediately when one appears. Especially, if the pop up blocks the message they wanted to see.
  • They can distract and confuse
    • If your pop up has nothing to do with what’s on the page they are viewing, visitors will wonder why it showed up. For example, if one visited a food blog to find out how to properly wash vegetables. Suddenly, a pop up appears saying something about cake recipes. Why? Just why?
  • They can lower your UX and SEO Rankings
    • Some pop ups can lower your website’s speed. Because of this, some visitors, in a hurry, will leave your page. Because of this knowledge, if your page is slower, your SEO ranking will go down. Bouncing, (visitors quickly leaving your site) also lowers your ranking.


Types of Pop Ups

Now, you know the pros and cons of pop ups. However, these are simply general pros and cons. There are also different types of pop ups to consider for your Orlando SEO services. Each with its own pros and cons. Therefore, let us discuss the different pop ups you may employ and how they can affect your marketing efforts.

  • New Page Pop Up
    • As you can imagine, this pop up creates a new page in a new window or tab. Mind you, these are not created by a visitor clicking on a link, but from timers and systems you put up. Because of this, many users utilize pop up blockers to avoid these tactics. If the pop up is not blocked, it will be hidden behind another window and won’t return when the user closes it. They are also poor for the small screens of mobile devices.
    • Taking all this into account, this type of pop up has fallen in popularity and many refrain from using it. In fact, there are not many points to give listing their effectiveness.
  • In-Browser Pop Up
    • By far, the most common type of pop up. This one, obviously, appears within your browser. It appears in a few forms. One is as a small chat box that appears and asks for some information. Another is a floater that appears along the side of your webpage, chasing the screen when you scroll down. The last is some tiny text that appears when your cursor hovers over a “trigger” word. This form of pop up has a few advantages, including:
      • They are small and only fill up a small portion of the page
        • Rather than open up a new window or take up the whole page (which would annoy many), this pop up seems non-invasive.
      • They neither force the user to take action nor even open them
        • Meaning, the user can still read the content, if they so choose.
      • They act as stand-alone elements
        • Most people would close a pop up if they thought it was in their way. However, as your pop up is small, out of the way, and independent of anything happening on the screen, users would leave it alone. They’ll probably read it after they’re done with the content they wanted.
      • They have “context-dependent” content
        • These pop ups will always be relevant. Either they appear because the user clicked on a “trigger” word or they simply have some information that relates to the text the user read.
        • Because of this, there is more of a chance the user will explore whatever the pop up has to offer.
  • Full Page Pop Up
    • Remember that “pop ups can work as gateways” sentence from before? This is what that meant. This pop up takes up the whole page and prevents the user from reading the content unless some action is taken. These pop ups are a reason visitors would leave the site without giving it a chance, contributing to poor online experiences. Because of their disruptive and distracting nature, they should only be used sparingly. However, here are some advantages to using them:
      • Useful for subscriptions when a user is navigating away
        • Why lose a potential return visitor? If the user is already trying to leave, see if they’d like a reason to come back. They aren’t reading the content at the moment, anyway.
      • License agreements
        • Obviously, something you want to make sure your users see. Especially, if they are purchasing something.
      • Payment processing
        • The full page pop up takes up “the full page.” Why is this useful? Well, if your client is purchasing something, allowing the space to see and interact with all parts of the payment process makes things less tedious.

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Now you know the different benefits and disadvantages of pop ups. Also, you have learned how to utilize different pop ups. Some of this information may have come at a bit of a surprise, but that is what we are for. We at MyCity Social are here to unveil different tactics and beliefs to help businesses succeed. To provide for business in Orlando SEO services, we continue to update our content, so feel free to return to our blog for more information. For the best SEO consultant company servicing the Orlando and Miami, FL area, contact us.


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