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When it comes to the field of digital marketing, have you ever stopped to consider the value of search engines as a way of reaching an audience? In today’s age, search engines are accessible on our computers and our phones and are both easy to use and easy to access. They’re a fantastic way to collect information about basically anything, including which businesses are in your area. Conventional advertising methods, such as commercials, all rely on the change that your target audience came across your add. With a search engine, people actively looking for the product or service that you supply will come across all local options carefully organized in a hierarchy on something called a SERP. What is a SERP? It stands for Search Engine Results Page, and if you’re not on one of the first few, changes are that potential consumers won’t become acquainted with your brand even though they’re looking for what you offer. This is where SEO comes in, and we at MyCity Social can say from experience because we’re the best SEO company Miami has to offer. Also known as search engine optimization, SEO is all about taking advantage of the SERP, but what does this all have to do with meta-tags? When it comes to SEO tools, meta-tags can have a big impact on where on the SERP your website ends up. Want to learn more? Let us explain it in more detail.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Let’s start by first explaining what search engine optimization is. The goal of SEO is to help your website attract more views, thus exposing more people to your brand. The more people who are aware of your brand and what you offer, the more will use your services or buy your products. The SEO specialists at MyCity Social, for example, will help create content for your page that takes advantage of elements like keywords, backlinks, and meta-tags to manipulate metadata to be ranked higher by search engines. The higher your site appears on the SERPs, the more people will see it and trust it. Studies on search engines have shown many people only look at the first page of their search results, and even the ones that look at more often won’t look at too many more. In addition, people tend to find results on the first page more trustworthy than results on other pages. With this in mind, you might start to see the value in utilizing search engine optimization.

Learning Your SEO Tools: Meta-Tags

Now, let’s discuss meta-tags. What are meta-tags? Similar to tags on other websites, meta-tags are pieces of information designed to help categorize content into groups. The difference here is that normal tags are for web viewers while meta-tags are for the search engine algorithms. Meta-tags are used to help the search engine know what parts of your website are what. Some of these tags may include:

  • Title Tags
    • A title tag is the title of your webpages. Taking advantage of these helps you speak directly to the webviewer as this is the most prominent text you’ll likely have on each page. Use these to send a clear picture of what information you want your viewers to gain from this page.
  • Meta Descriptions
    • These are a lot like the elevator pitches of your web pages. The title is the hook meant to draw the viewer in and give them the gist of what they’re about to read, and the meta description gives them a brief explanation with a tad more detail.
  • Viewport Tags
    • These tags are for mobile users, and they tell the search engines how to organize your page’s content for smartphones. If you’ve ever gone to a website on your phone, and it pulls up like it would on a regular computer, you probably found it hard to read and harder to navigate correctly, so it’s a good idea to ensure your viewers don’t suffer the same problems.
  • Robots
    • These are the tags that will signify if there are additional aspects to your site such as a “nofollow” or “noindex.” These are essentially ways to help limit what search engines will do with your web page, such as not including a particular page in the results. You might be wondering why you might do this, but that’s a topic for another day. To put it simply, they can be a way to help protect your site in certain aspects.
  • Hreflang Tags
    • These tags are for international viewers. They help to display the language and content you want viewers from other nations to see. If you plan on having your site appear in several different languages for different audiences, you’ll become quite familiar with these.
  • Content Types
    • Different types will tell the search engine how to render your site in your browser.

Using Meta-Tags

All these different tags can have an impact on how your website appears in the SERP. What this means is that viewers will ultimately see your website based on how you utilize your meta-tags, so it’s very important to make sure your meta-tags deliver a clear, crisp, attention-grabbing hook that makes viewers want to choose your website over all others. Remember, even on the first page, you’re competing with several other web pages to convince a web surfer to click on your link specifically. Each one is trying their hardest to hook the reader and entice them with the information they’re looking for, and you’ll want to do the same.

You’ll have the power to directly impact the information each meta-tag sends to the search engine through coding, giving you a more direct way of manipulating that information than say metadata. With metadata, you’re more indirectly controlling what the data says to the search engine, but with tags, you can be direct. This gives you the power to, in a way, speak to the web viewer directly. Before they even click on your link, they’ll have a chance to read information like your title and meta description. This is one of the best ways to communicate directly with your audience and tell them the things you need them to know about your business. Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? Don’t worry, because there are specialists that can help do the hard work for you.

Who is MyCity Social?

We at MyCity Social are a team of dedicated specialists on all things SEO, and we’re dedicated to helping our clients with various SEO services. We are the best SEO company Miami has to offer for you, and we also have locations in Orlando and Tampa. But whether you’re a Florida resident or otherwise, we can help with the talent of our team. Our goal is to work our magic so that your online presence grows allowing you to benefit from our digital marketing strategies. We can help with SEO writing, content management, social media management, web design, and more all to help you expand on your digital presence. 

Established in 2015, we have expanded through the experience we’ve gained helping our many satisfied clients. When it comes to business-client communication, we emphasise our record-keeping on all our clients. Thanks to these up-to-date SEO reports, we have 24/7 access to information on how your website is performing, where you’re improving, and what your growth is like. We use this information to adjust our strategies as we go to ensure our clients gain the momentum they’re looking for with their online presence. The best part is that this information is accessible to our clientele as well. Communication and transparency are key to ensuring our clients get the benefits they’re looking for in our work, and that also helps us retain a strong connection with each client.

The Best SEO Company Miami Can Offer

Do you have a better grasp on the power and impact of metadata and meta-tags? Do you understand more about SEO and how controlling your meta-tags can help you communicate with the web users in your business’ audience? MyCity Social is an SEO Company based in Miami, Tampa, and Orlando that’s here to provide you with the specialized team capable of utilizing the topics we discussed today to improve your websites. We have the proper skills and SEO tools to work the data in your favor to improve web traffic to your websites. Our specialists also understand now to take your brand and create a website specially designed to pull in your target audience. The world of search engine optimization is massive, and it can be overwhelming. If you have more questions and want to know more about how we can help you, contact us today. You’ll get the chance to speak with a specialist yourself, ask questions, get answers, and feel confident that hiring an SEO company is the best decision you can make to improve your digital marketing endeavors. Don’t risk doing it alone and adding stress to your work plate when you can let the professionals do the hard work for you. With us behind the wheel, you’ll have nothing to fret.


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