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In today’s internet-driven market, it is essential for businesses to implement digital marketing strategies, both long and short term, in order to stay competitive. An online presence of all kinds, whether it’s social media, website navigation, or email newsletters, is essential for brand-building in order to expand your business. One major component of digital marketing is SEO, and it’s important to integrate SEO concepts into your website in order to optimize your content and make sure that its ranking across search engines stay high. WordPress is a widely utilized platform many business owner use to build their company websites, and recently WordPress has added a couple of SEO tools in an update that has increased the SEO capability of the host. Top Orlando SEO company MyCity Social will walk you through these changes, and how we can utilize these tools to optimize your website traffic to translate into potential clients. Call MyCity Social today to expand your business!


What WordPress Has Added


While WordPress has been behind for years when it comes to SEO capabilities, has in recent times started to catch on to the importance of SEO for the website owners when hosting a site. Their initial 2016 updated set of “Advanced SEO Functions” were pretty basic, featuring a trio of tools that include the ability to create custom meta descriptions for blog posts, the ability to write custom title elements for individual pages, such as having some page titles formatted as Post Title/Site Name and other page titles formatted as Site Name/Tagline. It also included a  preview tool that illustrates how a URL will look in Google’s search results, or when shared on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Top Orlando SEO company MyCity Social has been utilizing these basic functional tools for years via different SEO plugins, but the new updates target Business Plan users, a group that mostly consists of small business owners who might not understand the ins and outs of SEO and its importance to a website.


WordPress SEO Tools We Help You Use


As a small business owner, your website is crucial to building your brand and directing potential clients and customers. At MyCity Social, we can help optimize your WordPress site to increase your rankings and expand your brand and potential client base. SEO can seem quite intimidating to tackle for those who are not familiar with the concept, and that’s why MyCity Social is here to save you time and money while growing your business and formulating digital marketing strategies. We utilize SEO tools such as what WordPress offers in order to help you grow your website and brand across a variety of mediums, ultimately bringing you more customers and clients (and more revenue!).


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Through SEO tools such as the Pingdom Speed Test, Chrome DevTools, Alexa, Google Keyword Planner, and Google Trends, we can help you optimize your WordPress site and grow your business. MyCity Social is a top Orlando SEO Company offering premium digital marketing and SEO services. Call us today to grow your brand and increase your revenue!


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