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“Does Social Media Improve My Tampa SEO ranking”? This is one very important, and often debated question, mostly because there is still a slight veil of mystery to Google’s relationship to social media.

We all know that social media is extremely important nowadays in getting the word out about your business and creating a following. Businesses often spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month on their social media marketing.

All of this effort on social media leads to increased awareness for your brand, and the goal is to lead to a conversion of some sort. This conversion is typically done by leading the engaged user to the businesses’ website, where they can take action and purchase, download, etc…

So this means I am going to rank higher online right?

Not necessarily, as for the manner in which Google crawls content on the web, the king of the web does have its limitations. They cannot crawl EVERY piece of content online, they have to rank it in value, and anything that is not of high value does not get touched. Google+ is the social media version of Facebook on the Google platform, and of course because Google created it, anything you post on there will be crawled and indexed by Google. This is great news!

While the platform has not been adopted heavily yet by online users, beat the competition now by actively posting updates and your content on there. It will be worth it, and is directly linked to helping your Tampa SEO ranking.

On the other hand platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are not as readily indexed. Imagine this, every second millions of posts are being made on these social media channels. In fact, the number of tweets per day is over 500 million alone according to Mark Traphagen!

What most people do not know, is that Google does not crawl these platforms. To what extent remains a mystery, but, the general consensus is that it is a very small factor that would affect your SEO.

So why is this so important and a need in my business then?

While social media doesn’t play a huge role in your SEO, it does have a major impact in letting people know your website exists. You can reach people in a specified geographic area and make them aware of your website through ads, you can create contests and stunning visual posts that compel users to visit your website. All in all, social media= conversion tool.

The combined power of social media and organic SEO drastically affects results. One without the other just won’t lead to the results you want as quickly as you would want them. If there is social media alone, then you are missing out on the thousands of searches regular web surfers in your area make every day. If you only do an online SEO package, you are missing out on the daily reminders social media updates and ads give. These people on social media are the ones who will buy through an ad reminder on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and etc..if they knew about you.

Hopefully this blog helped to clear the air on this topic and you can now look at your SEO strategy with a fresh pair of eyes. For more information about MyCity Social and how we can help your business thrive through our Tampa SEO services, CLICK HERE.

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