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MyCity Social is a digital marketing company that promotes small businesses. As a digital marketing company, they are always looking towards the future of marketing and keeping up with the latest trends in social media. Social media marketing services Tampa businesses trust are discussing the latest Facebook updates. Read more about them below.


The New Facebook Updates

1. Messenger Day

Facebook has been working very hard behind the scenes as they have recently released multiple updates to their services. One of the newest updates is called “Messenger Day” which has the same features as Snapchat stories and includes stickers and filters. Posts also disappear after 24 hours. Messenger Day works by opening messenger and tapping the “Add to your day” icon. It will bring you to a screen where you can capture a picture or a video of what’s going on around you. After capturing your photo or video, you can add art and effects by tapping on the smiley face icon. Social media marketing services Tampa clientele rely on love the new update where you can add not only art and effects, but text to your images or video just like in Snapchat. Once you have completed your editing, you can add the post to your day or save it to your camera roll. The new update allows you to decide who can view the posts you add to your day, which are then deleted 24 hours after they are posted.


2. Facebook Reactions

Facebook users enjoy being able to have multiple options when reacting to a post and MyCity Social can’t get enough of the new Facebook reaction update in messenger. It is mostly used for group chats where popular messages could be noted quicker. The expansion of reactions extends to a thumbs up and a thumbs down emoticon. Many Facebook users have been requesting a dislike button for Facebook posts and this new update is the closest thing to the users demand.


3. Adding Flags To Your Profile Pictures

As an app used worldwide, Facebook knows it has many users all around the world who are proud of their countries and their heritage. Whether you are in love with your country or want to support your country’s sports teams, you can now add a small flag icon to your profile picture.

Previously, you were able to customize the frame of your profile pictures with festive borders that represent your country but now you can be devoted without an entire frame on your profile picture. On the top left corner of your profile picture, you can now add a small flag representing your love for your country.

MyCity Social represents over 350 clients who need help increasing the sales of their business. MyCity Social offers social media marketing services Tampa companies depend on. We take pride in our ability to bring success to local businesses by promoting them through social media streams and advocating for their services and products. When you need help marketing your company visit us at or call us! 866-955-3287. We look forward to assisting you in all of your marketing needs!

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