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These are questions that most people looking to start doing SEO ask themselves. Typically, your website should see results in about three to six months after using SEO best practices.

But, there are several factors in play when it comes to ranking high. One of which is the digital marketing company you choose.

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Why Does SEO Take So Long?

For your SEO to rank at the top, you must show Google and other search engines that you are the best result of a search.

The SEO strategy you apply is key to boosting your engagement and interaction. But even with the right strategy, external factors still affect how well your SEO performs.

These include:


The Age Of A Website

A website that has been around longer tends to have more content, pages, and backlinks. The website is also more likely to rank for more SEO keywords.

Newer websites, however, require more effort to get their SEO off the ground. This is why SEO for startups takes longer to show results.



Many businesses today have taken up SEO to boost sales and engagement. A majority of these businesses also use the exact keywords you apply for your business.

This means the competition for an SEO to rank on google is incredibly stiff. If you use highly competitive keywords, then it will take your SEO a long time to show results.


Your Resources

The more resources you invest into SEO, the faster your results will manifest.

Hiring a qualified SEO agency to generate content for you is one way of improving SEO performance.

Such companies have skilled content writers that have experience in search engine optimization.


Your Strategy

Having a detailed SEO strategy outlining how to tackle target keywords gives you a higher chance of seeing results sooner.

Regarding SEO for startups, the strategy is to build up slowly to important keywords by first targeting low-competition topics with business value.

This will allow your SEO to generate organic traffic for your site while accumulating links and website authority.


Inbound Links

Links play a huge role in SEO performance. Generally, more links translate to tremendous SEO success.

However, fewer high-quality links from relevant websites tend to generate more significant search engine traffic from SEO.

This is because high-quality links are more challenging to earn, making them more difficult for your competitors to replicate. High-quality links in SEO also last longer compared to automated ones.


Looking to Start Doing SEO?

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