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Twitter has recently expanded their character count from 140 characters to 280 characters. This change has major impacts on how marketers will utilize Twitter. If you are uncertain how to use the new character count, contact MyCity Social in Miami. They are a business offering social media marketing Miami residents recommend and they can help you get the right Twitter marketing strategy. Their expertise and experience make them number one in sorting through social media changes so they are equipped to handle these Twitter changes. If you would like to learn more about their services, contact them today.


Make a better Twitter marketing strategy

Twitter marketing is always going to be necessarily different than any other type of marketing. You have a smaller space to work with which means you have to get out your thoughts more concisely. Twitter marketing is all about how well you can communicate your product or service as well as your contact information within a short message.

Being able to utilize twice the number of characters than before will allow marketers to produce better copy for their advertising and marketing campaigns. Not only does it allow you to fully flesh out your thoughts but it also gives you the benefit of not having to make the decision between shortening your words or sentences in order to fit into one tweet and breaking up your message to multiple tweets.

There is also speculation that the increase in size will draw in more users. People who had once felt limited by the number of characters will now feel like there is adequate room for them to express themselves. This new flock of people means that there will be a whole new audience for your tweets. People you had previously been unable to target will now more readily access your marketing.


Get help

If you are planning out your Twitter marketing strategy and you need help optimizing it, contact MyCity Social in Miami. They are a company offering social media marketing Miami residents trust. With their help, you can really utilize the new character count on Twitter to succeed with your online marketing strategy.

Sorting through your social media marketing can be a time-consuming task for an already busy business. It requires constant maintenance in order to stay fresh and to keep up with the changing trends of the internet. Rather than spending much needed time on digital marketing, let a business who is dedicated to that task do it for you instead. They can do all the difficult work of getting your business’s online presence optimized and allow you to run your business.


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Adapting to social media changes can often be confusing and difficult for businesses who already have so much on their plate. For this reason, MyCity Social is ready to serve you. They are a business that offers social media marketing Miami trusts and they can assist you in utilizing the new Twitter changes for your Twitter marketing strategy.


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