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If you signed up with MyCity Social for Digital Marketing in Miami, you’re getting good, quality, organic marketing. Organic means that you’re promoting yourself with all the available tools you have on hand. With organic marketing, you’re not paying money to companies like Google, Facebook or Instagram to get your message seen by more people. Organic marketing is extremely important to the growth of your company, because it’s continuous.


As a business owner, you continually have to reach your current customers and remind them that you care about their business. At MyCity Social, our organic marketing consists *but is not limited to* a monthly newsletter, social media management, reputation management, review building and content creation through photography and video. We also offer SEO packages for companies who want to beat where their competitors show up on Google. All the things I have just mentioned are Organic marketing tactics.


You may be wondering, why has my Guru asked me so many times to run a Facebook Ad? Well, the truth of the matter is… in today’s day and age, you have to “pay to play” to get your message heard and to gain new customers. If you already have a Facebook audience of over 5,000 followers, who are consistently engaging with your content, it may not be 100% necessary for you to run Facebook ads. However, if you’re new to Facebook, it’s absolutely necessary for you to run Facebook Ads if you want to see some form of ROI.


If you don’t have an audience looking at your content, your social media accounts are just for show and won’t really make you any money. The key to social media is engaging content and reaching your exact target audience. Organic reach inside of Facebook just isn’t what it used to be and now you have to pay Facebook to get your brand in front of your audience. Don’t freak out thinking you’re going to go broke running Facebook ads. Your digital marketer can do A/B testing to see which ads perform the best and get you the lowest cost-per-click. For those of you that are completely new to Facebook advertising, here is an example of one goal you can accomplish with a Facebook ad.


Clicks to Website- Create an ad that will be put in front of your target audience, asking them to “learn more” on your website. You can create a regular Facebook post and ask your following to visit your website, but how do you know they actually will? And how many people will even see that post? When you make a Facebook advertisement, you can choose an extremely targeted audience. For instance, if you own a charter fishing company in Miami and you want more people to sign up for your fishing tours, a Facebook ad leading the customer to your website to learn more would be very beneficial. With the Facebook ad you can target locals and tourists in the Miami area who like fishing, boating, the ocean, etc.


Facebook advertising has become a huge part of digital marketing. “Clicks to a Website” is just one of the many, many goals you can have with your advertisement. Organic marketing will ALWAYS be necessary and keeping up with your image online is extremely important, however now paid marketing- especially with Facebook- is essential to gaining leads and growing your audience.


Facebook has changed it methods so that unless the ads are paid, they intentionally lower the visibility of your posts to followers. It is just the name of the game and I hope that this blog help clear it all up, and understand why one must purchase a Facebook Ad.


Have a great end of your year, and hope to hear from you all in 2017!

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