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SEO is a tricky beast. It’s constantly evolving, and there are plenty of people out there who can list a half-dozen tips or tricks that will help you stay ahead of Google’s algorithm changes. One thing that needs to be clear though, is that mobile platforms have to be a very important part of any Mobile SEO solution. At MyCity Social, we think it’s important that everyone understands the importance of mobile design – and the way that it will impact your site’s SEO going forward.

Traffic is Traffic

It’s important to start with the note that traffic is traffic, at least as far as Google is concerned. There’s no real separate category that sets aside web traffic that comes from mobile sources and weights it differently than “standard” web traffic. Every tip and trick that use to keep your website near the top of the rankings has to apply to mobile users. That’s why it’s important to stop thinking of mobile as something that’s completely separate and to start thinking about how you can capture more of it. At the end of the day, this is just another pipeline for conversion.
Huge Numbers

If a primary concern of SEO in general is getting visitors to your website, then the primary goal of any site owner should be to capture mobile traffic. Mobile devices account for a little more than half of all web traffic, and there are now more people who can access the internet on their phones than they can from a traditional computer. As such, mobile is going to have a gigantic impact on your SEO rankings. If most people access your site via mobile, most people are going to care more about your mobile experience than anything else. The era of mobile is here and it’s the era for which you must design your site.
Bounce and Design

One of the major ways that mobile search engine optimization is going to impact your life is accounting for web design. A well-designed mobile page will allow users to find what they want without jumping through hoops. Because the world is already so optimized for mobile web content, users now have no patience with those who don’t produce good mobile content. Mobile users can destroy your bounce rating because they’ll flee your website quickly if it doesn’t work well on their browsers. Good design is the best way to keep your scores up and to stay at the top of the page.

Make no mistake – how your site responds to mobile traffic is how it responds to most traffic in today’s market. If you aren’t set up for better mobile search engine optimization, you might as well toss out all of your other plans. There’s no way to succeed in today’s market without a solid mobile solution and there’s certainly no way to stay on Google’s front page is your on webpage isn’t optimized for mobile browsers. Here at MyCity Social, we know Mobile SEO isn’t the future – it’s here today, and those that fail to realize that will fail.

Our SEO packages include website restructures so that we can ensure your site is mobile friendly. If you have any questions about our packages please contact us today!

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