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Updates Keep A Social Media Consultant In The Know

The changes that keep happening to Facebook are some positive ways to keep in touch. For social media consultant /marketing companies such as MyCity Social in Orlando, it can make things difficult to stay ahead. Not all changes will work or make the differences we hope and were focusing on the boost of engagement for companies all over.


Listed below, are a few of the newest Facebook updates about to be known:


Reactions store- Facebook’s reaction tool has a good population rate and is being used more often by users. When reactions were first created on Facebook, they had hopes of bringing more attention to news feed and showing actual reactions, instead of just hitting the ‘like’ button. With hopes of bringing out the idea of a ‘reactions store’, which is currently hidden from users offers different reactions to show on each profile. This has a goal to get Facebook users to use more reactions and for people to use a type that fits their own personal needs. Right now, the idea of the ‘reaction store’ is still up in the air about if it’s going to be a paid perk or if there will be options available to anyone.


Instagram Follows- They’re testing a new way to indicate the profiles that follow you which makes it easier to track each user’s audience. Instagram has never had a follower notifier which makes it more difficult to sort out the followers from the lurkers. This new option can make it easier to understand who you’re reaching and help reach your target audience.


New Payment options in Messenger– Facebook is working towards introducing new business tools and apps to convert the app into an all-encompassing, revenue-generating product. These efforts have processed slower than expected, but newer options like bots and real time interaction with businesses could boost speed if Facebook were to introduce more streamline payment options to run full circle.


Whatsapp integration- Facebook is hoping to create a connection between their apps. Bolting these experiences together is what Facebook is trying to make it so that users never have to leave their app. All social interactions or business transactions can be completed all on one platform.


Polls with Gifs– Gifs are an interesting way to include engagement and generate more attention to users news feed.


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