SEO Trends 2017 in Tampa

SEO is one of those fields of specialization that is rapidly and continually changing. As a marketer or business owner in Tampa, you have no option but to keep yourself abreast of the emerging trends in the field of SEO. Google often releases updates to their algorithms or alter the list of do’s and don’ts that marketers must adhere to failure to which they might find themselves in trouble.

SEO Trends 2017

Looking at the SEO Trends in 2017, it is clear that Google is rewarding websites with quality content which can be accessed across different devices. As a Tampa SEO Company, we at MyCity Social understand the confusion that comes with too many changes in SEO. For this reason, we have filtered through these changes and came up with the five top SEO Trends 2017 that you need to pay particular attention to.

Trend #1: Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is arguably one of the largest SEO Trends 2017. Statistics show that over 60% of searches originate from mobile devices. With this information at hand, it is vital for you to create websites that load faster on mobile and format the content of your mobile site to fit different screen sizes of mobile phones.

Trend #2: Local Search

Today, people are using their handheld devices to find locations of places such as convenient stores, nightclubs, and eateries. If your business serves clients or customers in Tampa, you need to make sure that your local SEO is optimized. Optimizing your content for local searches is crucial because it means that if customers in your locality do a local search and your business comes first on their result page, you will stand a higher chance of getting these customers to your business.

Trend #3: User Experience Optimization

User experience is a critical part of SEO. Every content on websites is meant to be consumed by the user. There is no point of engaging in the painstaking process of content creation only for it not to be readily accessible to your intended user. Google has a way of rewarding websites that offer superior user experience. You can achieve this by ensuring that your website loads fast, avoid unnecessary pop-up ads and have a precise navigation for your site.

Trend #4: Content

It has often been said that content is king. The content posted on your site and the keywords you choose to use will impact on your SEO. Visitors do go to websites with the hope of finding some useful information that will help address a need that they might have. You need to develop high-quality content, which is loved by Google and also try to have long-form content on your site.

Trend #5: Voice Search

As a Tampa SEO Company, we have noted that voice search is quickly gaining prominence with users choosing to verbalize their search terms instead of typing on their devices. With this in mind, you need to think of ways of coming up with keywords that can be picked by internet users who use the voice search option.

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