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There are several ways to generate sales leads, but truth be told, the same old methods aren’t applicable again. Since old strategies are outdated, it’s about time an unconventional approach is applied to lead generation, particularly B2B companies. The strategies used in B2B sales leads differ from that of B2C. Before we explain the methods, you should know that lead generation isn’t as simple as it seems. You’ll need to analyze your strategies and content. Often, check your track performance, metrics, and conversions and work on them. If you need help with this, MyCity Social in Orlando is an excellent fit. They are the best SEO Tampa services you can find. 

Below are the eight unconventional ways to generate sales lead for B2B companies:

  • Customize content for B2B sales leads
  • Hybrid events
  • B2B email marketing 
  • Tailor sales lead content
  • Remodel content
  • B2B referral marketing
  • Diverse content channels
  • Create gated content

Let’s consider some of these strategies.

Customize Content For B2B Sales Leads

To attract the audience’s attention, you’ll need to create B2B content that focuses on the brand. If you don’t convert content into customers, you aren’t generating the right B2B sales lead for your business. You’re probably thinking of ways to modify your content to suit the right B2B customers. 

Most businesses aim to make profits, hence creating audience personas that will focus on targeted customers. In B2B companies, some people determine products and services beneficial to the business. Your content and buyers persona should be built and tailored to this set of people or decision-makers. Ascertain who will require your products and services and build your marketing personas around the following criteria:

  • Job title
  • Location
  • Age
  • Position in company
  • Preferred content channels
  • Pain points
  • Desired goals

With the above details, you can create a flowchart for the content creation strategy. It will help you choose channels with the most traction.

Now you know your audience, what next? 

Tailor content to earn B2B sales leads by determining search intent by information, purchase, and knowledge. It’s relatively easy to do this by searching for information, searching to learn. Carry out extensive research before creating any content. Ensure you determine keywords relevant to a topic, conduct surveys among other marketers, check the ”People Also Ask” section on Google and AnswerThePublic for related keywords. Choose terms that your audience can relate to, not only based on search volume. Common searches in your field draw more B2C consumers, while targeted keywords are of higher value. You’ll find lower search volume in the B2B category. Another effective way is by personalizing B2B sales lead content. Customization is significant, but it also transcends to personalization. Build personal relationships with your customers beyond transactional relationships. Not only is every relationship about earning a customer, but retaining a customer with hopes of referrals in the future will generate more sales. In personalization, channel your focus to the following areas: Social media, landing pages, presentation, and sales presentations. Design an all-inclusive presentation for your brand and the customers to build stronger customer relationships during lead generation. Discuss subjects important to the customer at pitch meetings, but your focus shouldn’t be solely on what your business can offer. Make sure you carry out extensive research to prove how much you know about their company and make futuristic plans with them. 

  • Invest In Personalizing Social Media Outreach

There are advantages of social media in B2B as well. Find decision-makers in target companies and work with them. 

They usually have a presence on social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn. Establish personal connections with these stakeholders and showcase your brand through their channels. You can also generate B2B sales leads through Twitter because people most likely share their personal stories in that space. Utilize analytics tools available to your advantage. Another vital element is the right landing page. You can capture your customer’s attention in seconds, and the best way is by personalizing the landing page. A landing page should have answers to the question your customers are asking. As a company that handles SEO Tampa locals swear by, we have learned that landing pages should not be bombarded with information but should be short and apt. If all your selling points can’t fit into one page, create different landing pages and optimize each one to suit buyer intent. That way, you create cohesion between landing pages and your advertising. 

Utilize B2B Email Marketing

There’s a higher click-to-open ratio for B2B email marketing than in B2C, and about 59% of B2B marketers prefer this channel. If done right, this avenue can generate more B2B sales leads consistently. There are a few things to keep in mind to generate leads using email marketing. 

  • Automate Email Marketing: 

The benefits of automating processes are numerous: fast processing time, smooth workflow, and time utilized in creativity rather than repeating tasks. Marketing automation helps you send targeted campaigns, convert customers, check abandoned carts, and segment email lists. That way, you help your customers finish purchasing, so they don’t go for another brand. You can program email automation to give immediate responses when there’s cart abandonment to avoid losing a customer. It’s one thing to automate your email, but do they reach your customers? If you create the best content and your email lies in the spam folder, the aim fails. To improve the deliverability of emails and generate more B2B leads, brands should practice this: 

Send emails using company name rather than the personal name as it may not get attention or end up in a spam folder. Use the address of an individual, and include an option of reply in the address. 

Be consistent with your email campaign frequency. Let your subscribers know when to expect your emails, not just sending irregularly. 

Check and clean your email list regularly to avoid sending emails to non-existing emails and increase bounce rates. 

  • Your Email Content Is Vital

The most successful tool in generating B2B sales leads is your email content. Ensure your content is in line with your brand. Send emails about your services, products, industry news, and blog posts. Create a design consistent for your newsletters, and include your logo, fonts, and brand colors. 

Don’t make the hard-sell approach. If all you do is sell your product, people will not be interested. Share news, stories, and updates instead. 

  • Try Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is not only seen in the B2C space; it is also relevant for generating B2B leads. People trust referrals from other customers, a friend, with strong reviews as it’ll increase purchases than advertising and other incentives. Referrals bring more customers and retain old ones. 

How do you get these referrals? Survey various customers. While doing this, be precise so customers can respond quickly. Also, send surveys often and include follow-up questions. Request a review, create a case study, and offer customers content to share with others. Referral marketing is a vital tool, but it is essential to add incentives to the procedure so other customs can get involved. 

Remodel Your Content

Marketers often find it overwhelming to create new content to bring in more leads. That’s why it is crucial to remodel already existing content. Using existing content in new ways requires practice, but once you can handle it, it is easier for your marketing team to build strategies around it. You can do this by: 

  • Transforming a blog post to an infographic.
  • Turning stats or quotes from a blog post into data visuals for social media.
  • Share infographics as a newsletter on social media. 
  • Create email headers, turn blog posts into podcasts, and make ebooks from blog posts.
  • Create GIFs from videos on social media. 
  • Use different tools like blogs, podcasts, videos, and forums. Diversify content channels to generate leads on different platforms. 

Create gated content using webinars, ebooks, and white papers. Create solutions to your customer’s problems, and address their pain points through your content. Incorporate more visuals than texts and realign your content anyhow you can. In the end, be innovative, educate, promote, and inspire action in your customers. Your customers should get value from your content, and you’ll generate leads in the end. 

  • Utilize Hybrid Events

You can make potential B2B sales through conferences, as they are spaces where people who share similar interests meet. However, the COVID-19 pandemic may have changed this a bit. Things may not go back to normal because there has been a paradigm shift to a virtual communication method. Virtual events are on the increase, but networking is moving towards hybrid events. A combination of virtual and physical elements and participants in hybrid events gives interaction between specialists in the industry. Hybrid events are hard work, but they generate sales leads when one participates in events and attends them. They boost return on investment and convert customers to long-term clients. 

Focus on your customers and the people behind the sales and not the business. It is often challenging to generate leads and promote them through a dedicated customer who always speaks for your business. Always remember that engagement is always happening, even in B2B. 

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