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Snapchat, originally called Picaboo, is a photo and video sharing app used for mobile devices launched in 2011 by Reggie Brown, Bobby Murphy, and Evan Spiegel. This application’s original idea was sharing of temporary pictures referred to as snaps or private messages that are viewed for a certain period before the user no longer has access to it. Although the initial focus was on pictures, the use of videos has become a relevant element as well. Snapchat recently shared insights on the engagement with live sports within their app; this could present marketers with a lot of opportunities for advertisements. The infographic shows that over 70% of Snapchat users use the app to watch sports. While a game is on, they are most likely to call or text friends, play games, or spend time on photo apps with their phone. It creates a community of sports lovers that you can use to your advantage as a marketer to boost engagement with your brand. MyCity Social is the brand solution for your online and digital marketing Orlando. We are a team of specialized professionals highly trained in user engagement, boosting advertisement, and sales.

We present you with the best-suited marketing strategies for your business and coordinate your marketing campaigns to get the best results. Read on to learn more about how Snapchat can help you achieve more in the online space.

A Look Into The Snapchat Infographic

With the reintroduction of live sports and the challenges faced during the pandemic, many online users and fans have developed a connection to sports events. Statistics show that 70% of Snapchat users use the app during a game. It entails more sports engagement, with Snapchat noting that fans began watching different sports in 2020, and their users share sport-related content using their Snapchat connection.

Snaps are stories, usually semi-public, shared to the user’s contact list, or privately. The most popular Snapchat feature is messaging snaps and sending photos.

The number of active users on Snapchat daily hit 186 million in Q3 of 2018. These statistics make Snapchat one of the fastest-growing social media networks in the world.

The demographic of Snapchat users consists of young people, with an average of 71% below 34. Therefore, businesses with Millenials and Gen Z as their target are adopting this social media app. Brands with visual impact in the fashion sectors, beauty, and sports also adopt this app. An average Snapchat user spends 30 minutes on the app; thus, Snapchat is more popular than Twitter and other networks in terms of engagement in the U.S. Users on the app watch more than 10 billion videos per day. Branded content and advertising are the application’s significant sources of revenue. In 2018, It should reach $US 1,470 million.

A team of statistical analyzers put a new infographic together using Statista and an e-marketer. This infographic shows Snapchat’s growth in the last seven years and gives up-to-date data on its demographics, usage, and general marketing statistics.

To get more context on this concept and how sports brands can connect with their users on Snapchat, research conducted on what Snapchat users discuss.

According to that research, Snapchat users are more active in discussing a game and sharing content than other social platform users. Some of these features are:

  • Snapchat sports report

The research statistics are accurate because Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter often follow comment threads against active engagement. Still, it also shows that Snapchat is a community facilitator and users visit this app to engage with each other rather than passive communication. According to the 2020 Super Bowl analysis, snap chatters have more engagement in the game’s critical moments than ad breaks.

  • Snap sports research

This research is in line with the Snap research on sports engagement previously published.

  • Snapchat sports analysis

The fundamental discovery is how users use snap for engagements with threads and discussions. Professional sports leagues are adjusting to COVID-19 and how to operate with the pandemic. However, Snapchat should be for use in reaching fans and sports engagement. It is also a reminder of how users engage in the app, creating small groups rather than broadcasting to family or friends or the world.

  • Cases of Snapchat Use

Snapchat has gained popularity, and that’s just the start of the app. Reports this year show that Snapchat has about 150million users daily, with a monthly active user base of 300 million. It’s almost the same size as Twitter and 20% of Facebook’s core audience. It is more effective than Twitter and LinkedIn at engaging users on a per-user basis. By engagement, we mean all kinds of user interaction and activity and consumption of passive content. Snapchat can get such user engagement because it serves as a private communication and a media hub. The app’s features also make user engagement easy as people spend time watching media content, messaging friends, following brands, and the rest.

How Has Social And Digital Media Affected Sports?

Social media is transforming the way clubs, fans, and sports stars communicate with each other. It ranges from creating memes, live-tweeting their games, and cheerleading on the web. Fans don’t just watch anymore; they get insights, news, commentary directly from the source. Social media and sports are a perfect union. The interactive and intimate nature of mobile technologies makes it perfect for such platforms to boost our sporting desires. Fans express themselves on social media, their love for the sport, or a player. Therefore, sports professionals need to become accountable for their comments and how they engage with fans and the community. To some users, Social Media is a minefield. Updates by athletes and sports officials may cause an uproar if not well guided. Most athletes have lost out on big deals because of their posts. Some sporting bodies have started developing their platforms to break their news and broadcast their games. This change is causing sports organizations to communicate through their channels; thus, journalists cannot easily access coaches or athletes. The voice of sports and the outlook on sports is also changing as a result of social media. How do these changes in sports and journalism shape the future? Working with the best social brand helps you achieve all your goals in digital marketing Orlando.

Everyone is talking about the future and how it will look, but fans have made adjustments already. How will brands adjust? They should meet fans when they scale up sports watching and create valuable connections when it is essential. You may not know how valuable something is until you lose it. Sport is a big part of our community, and snap chatters have expanded their passion for the game in immeasurable ways. 17% of Snapchat users worldwide say that they now follow different sports teams after the postponement or cancellation of matches.

Any marketing brand that stays savvy about sports fans’ behavior has an opportunity to capture the audience. Interactive fans consider Snapchat a blessing. They create content and not just stream it. Fans are raving and ranting about the competition with every highlight or footage. The special moments in between are also a favorite. Fans love these moments as they share banter with loved ones and view photos and videos as well.

Some people believe Snapchat provides a platform to express themselves, as it brings hype and buzz. Fans love brands that love the game with the same passion. Snapchat has presented entrepreneurs with alternatives to showcase their brand. While there are still uncertainties on the future of live sports, Snapchat helps sports leagues engage with their gabs and interact at all times.

Snapchat Marketing Ideas For Sports Teams

Now your sports team has a Snapchat account; what next? How do you effectively utilize this platform for digital marketing? You’ll find below a few ideas to get started.

  • Post regularly: Snaps are semi-permanent, so they delete after a while, including stories. You need to post fresh material, so your users are always engaged. Make a habit of posting a few times a day. Followers get notifications for all your snaps, so it’s best to stay connected at all times.
  • Promote your Snapchat account using other platforms: It is often challenging to connect with others on Snapchat unless you have their handle. So, gain followers for your brand by letting your audience know you’re also on Snapchat. Please do the needful, so your fans know you are ready to engage with them.
  • Be personal: Snapchat is useful for materials in-the-moment. You can showcase your team in a personal and fun manner without sounding marketisation. It is excellent for personal messages and fun stuff with friends. That way, your fans can communicate with you directly.
  • Use the tools available: Snapchat enables users to do a lot of things. You can do videos, pictures, text, add stickers and use other effects, making Snapchat different from other platforms. Take advantage of this to boost your business. Not only do you increase entertainment when you post funny stuff, but you also let your audience know what you’re up to.

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Snapchat users are excited to see their favorite players and teams after a long while. They make adjustments to a different viewing sports method, but they can still connect with others for their passion. Get on the moving train today. With the current infographic for Snapchat, there’s a chance for you to scale up your business. Nobody can handle your digital marketing Orlando better than MyCity Social. Visit our website today for more information.

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